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    PCOS Awareness Association Works in Partnership with GoHard Fitness to Host a DietBet Challenge

    Seattle, WA, Dec 14, 2015 -- PCOS Awareness Association announced that they are partnering with GoHard Fitness to host a DietBet Challenge. The nonprofit organization said that the challenge will begin on January 3 and is open to the public. This is mainly aimed at raising awareness of the condition known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS and help people to lose weight. Participants of the challenge have a chance to win money and prizes.

    On November 16 to 18 this year PCOS Awareness Association hosted the world’s first international PCOS medical conference wherein they had 45 of the world’s PCOS leaders in just one room, discussing and sharing medical findings of PCOS. In attendance were medical professionals from Russia, Sweden, China, India and more.

    Since 2012, PCOS Awareness Association has been working diligently on the ways to boost public knowledge as well as the understanding of all people regarding PCOS. This organization is helping women to play an active role in diagnosing their condition with the possible symptoms they might be experiencing and with raising across the globe. They are always searching for great ways to better serve the community. This organization aims to make everyone aware about PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

    According to PCOS Awareness Association and their medical advisory committee, PCOS is an incurable disorder which affects more than 10 million of women across the world. Based on their study, many women are not actually aware that they have this health condition. PCOS has been recognized as the most typical endocrine cause of serious weight gain and infertility among women. It can also trigger skin problems like acne and oily skin. Since it has been known as a causative factor for severe weight gain, PCOS Awareness Association decided to work in partnership with GoHard Fitness and they organized a DietBet Challenge called A New Year, A New You. Throughout the challenge GoHard Fitness will be sharing detox, diet and exercise tips and tricks to help the participants maximize their weight loss potential.

    PCOS Awareness Association and GoHard Fitness are inviting everyone to be part of this upcoming event that is to be held January 3-31. This will be 4 weeks full of fun, information and spreading awareness of PCOS.

    PCOS Awareness Association is one of the most respected organizations that push and encourage awareness about the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS which is a common health condition affecting millions of women worldwide. This organization conducts events that fulfill their mission which is to educate the public about PCOS.

    About PCOS Awareness Association:
    To know more about PCOS Awareness Association, please feel free to visit http://www.pcosaa.org/ or to join the challenge please visit http://www.dietbet.com/PCOS

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