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Tone the body through exercise by listening to motivational music by Flunky Junky. Exercise or a workout is essential for a healthy body, and then make it possible by listening to music from great exercise music producer Flunky Junky.

Los Angeles, CA, July 05th, 2019 -- Flunky Junky one of the great music producers came out with an idea of releasing motivational music, which allows to workout at Gym or home by listening to the music. Exercise is most essential in keeping a healthy body that tone up the muscles, at the same time it shreds off extra cholesterol present in the body. When exercise has such wonderful health benefits, then doing it daily is quite essential for every human being for their own benefit. So, make it more enthusiastic and energetic either at your gym or home by listening to inspirational music.

Working out alone will be quite boring, so making it something special in order to get the body into shape is necessary for everyone. Morning exercise can become more energetic when you listen to the music albums of flunky junky, which are specially created for exercise and workouts. There are plenty of albums he has created that comes in various volumes, which are motivation for working out at Gym or home. People all around the globe are fans for his exercise music, there is a huge number of hits in his exercise music albums.

Flunky Junky is on a move to release a number of encouraging music albums for doing exercises and workouts, whatever may be the place. They come in the international mix, bass boosted, Dubstep, trance and more variations all of them are quite motivating to do exercise only for one own healthy lifestyle and good body shape. Flunky Junky music can be heard either on music systems or else they can be simply played by using some of the apps such as Spotify, where his music is available.

About Flunky Junky:
Flunky Junky, one of the best music producers, who create music with an aim to offer good health for every human being with exercise, which has got huge health benefits. Listening to his music and doing workouts or exercise either at the gym or home will be quite motivational to keep the body in shape. At the same time working out with music will be quite fun and enthusiastic for anyone.

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Paula Washington
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Phone Toll-Free: 888-525-4249

The event is a charity golf tournamentis part of a charity initiative aimed at helping unprivileged youths in underserved communities’transition into college golf and become leaders in the community.

Prince George’s County, MD, July 7th, 2019 --Evolve Inc. in partnership with Helping You Grow Successfully Inc. (HUGS) proudly announce the “Golf Fore Youth” Charity Golf Tournament. The Charity Golf Tournament will be held at the premier establishment Top Golf National Harbor, Oxon Hill, MD, on August 29th, 2019. At a time when youth representation in golf is waning, especially among those from underserved communities or are underprivileged, this year's event aims to foster increased participation in golf among youths in the DMV area through a golf tournament and other programs.

Evolve Inc. and Hugs Inc. are now one of the world's most trusted destinations for charitable events, sports camps and tournaments that support good causes and this time, they will be bringing their professional event management services to the “Golf Fore Youth” Charity Golf Tournament. Their talented team of experts possesses decades of experience in powering charitable events along with sporting tournaments that encourage youth transitioning and community bonding, which is why this year's events promise to be a memorable one.

According to Nikki Young, Founder of HUGS Inc.

“In today’s world, there are few sports that so perfectly mirror the ups and downs of life like golf. Yet, golf is grossly underrepresented in today's youth and especially those that are underprivileged. For the youth that is interested in playing golf in college, the challenges increase. The recruiting process for golf is much different than that for other high school sports. Most college golf coaches don't have the budget to travel and recruit the way coaches in other sports often do. They rely on players sending in their resumes and video. To catch a coach's attention you must be ranked. To be ranked you have to play in a minimum of 4 regulation tournaments or 6500 yards of golf a year and to be competitive requires money. We wanted to change this and so we decided to create the Charity Golf Tournament”.

And Super Bowl Champion and CEO, Kyle Arrington of Evolve Inc. adds:

“We tend to say a healthy body is from a sound mind. This year's Charity Golf Tournament is one that will stand the test of times and will foster awesome experiences and values where all participants will try something new and enjoy rejuvenating services. We are dedicated to supporting youth sports to include high school golf programs for underserved communities. We hope that we can make a small difference by providing a platform that will be beneficial to youths who normally couldn't afford to play golf with grants to finance instruction, equipment, practice-and-play opportunities, and most importantly mentors".

Tickets for the event start from $85 and sponsorship tickets start at $150. The sponsorship packages offer businesses, clubs, and individuals an opportunity to support a worthy cause and get valuable exposure to a larger audience. Purchase your ticket today to experience one of the biggest charity golf tournament events in the country.

For ticket purchase, kindly visit Join the Facebook group at to learn more.

About Evolve Inc.
Evolve Inc. believes that every child is born with a unique set of skill, and intellectual capacity. As they grow, they obtain the ability to imagine what could be possible in life, and the will to believe that it shall be. The mission of Evolve Inc. is to provide positive reinforcement to the youth by encouraging them to dream big and assisting them with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary to achieve their dreams.

About HUGS Inc.
Helping You Grow Successfully, Inc. (HUGS) is a vital and innovative non-profit organization that exists to organize a positive, enriching environment which will contribute to an improved quality of life for our youth and their families. Established in 2015, the organization's projects, implemented by a well-trained staff, emphasize character development and change disadvantaged individuals from the inside out, thereby supporting the development of self-confidence, healthful living, good judgment, and character. Its mission is to help college-bound at-risk and foster youth transition into adulthood successfully by implementing a holistic approach as well as providing a safe place to access community resources.

Evolve Inc. contact Kara Arrington at 301-379-7961 or visit
HUGS Inc. contact Nikki Young at 301-717-1710 or visit

If you're a contractor that has ever looked into buying leads before, you surely have come across these names before, and you've probably heard rumors for the good and bad. We wanted to settle it once and for all. Here's the scoop on what works, what doesn't, and why.


Formerly known as Service Magic, Homeadvisor is the largest player in the world of online home improvement marketplaces. It is owned by IAC, the same company that owns Angie's List. While the service is free for homeowners, contractors must pay on a per-lead basis and is very unpopular amongst contractors.

Pros for contractors:

  • Building a Homeadvisor profile can help unestablished businesses get found on Google searches even if they don't have their own website.
  • They have a big brand that many people have heard of.
  • Leads are sold to many contractors so the competition is heavy. There is a lot of testimonials that show this number could be as high as 10 contractors, including reports from former staff of Home Advisor.
  • Since the service is free for homeowners, a lot of leads are people who aren't serious (tire-kickers). HA doesn't seem to filter those out, so results are often diluted.
  • Homeadvisor is notorious for having terrible customer service.
  • Homeadvisor shares leads with Angie's List, so if you subscribe to both services, you may buy the same lead twice.
Cons for contractors:

In the end, it is hard to recommend HomeAdvisor based on the amount of negative reviews from contractors on this company alone (Here is a list of over 7,000 reviews that average out at 1.64/5 stars for example.) They may very well work for you, but we cannot recommend them.


Houzz is a Facebook-like environment where contractors can create profiles for their businesses and showcase their work and testimonials.

Pros for contractors:
  • A free profile can be created and built up with pictures and reviews to help advertise your business on Houzz.
  • Contractors can pay to advertise and boost their profiles to the top of the list.
  • Advertising contracts can require large cancellation fees to end the service and payments.
  • There have been numerous reports of terrible customer service.
  • Paying for advertising doesn't guarantee jobs. Contractors must still put a lot of time and effort into building and keep their profiles consistently updated.
  • There have been reports of getting negative reviews from non-existent customers.
  • Houzz owns everything on the contractor's profile, including the pictures posted there.
Cons for contractors:

So can we recommend them? Well, not really. It may be too early to tell, or Houzz may be a good mixed environment of shopping and contracting that is good for simpler trades. We couldn't find enough data to recommend the broad range of contractors to this service however.


Yelp is one of the most popular local service shopping platforms on the internet. It's got a reputation for attracting negative reviews. I think this comes from the fact that a customer can create a profile for a business without the business owner's permission. This is typically done when they want to leave a bad review.

Pros for contractors:
  • It's free to create a profile, post pictures, and gather reviews.
  • You can pay to advertise in the directory and on competitor profiles.
  • There is a large amount of traffic looking for services on Yelp.
  • If you don't pay, competitors will advertise on your profile.
  • Your reviews might be filtered resulting in a lot of client reviews that never get seen or counted in your star rating.
  • Yelp salespeople are relentless in pursuing your purchase of advertising.
  • The self-service advertisement platform allows minimal control over how your money is spent and provides little metrics reporting.
  • General contractors focusing on larger projects report a lot of cheapskates and tire-kickers coming in from Yelp.
Cons for contractors:

Given that you have to pay to advertise, pay to not allow competitors advertise on your listing, and pay for each time someone contacts you, it is hard to recommend Yelp to the wide range of contractors out there looking for business. Surprisingly, Yelp does seem to be a good fit for SERVICE related pros whose business model includes changing out outlets, installing ceiling fans, painting one wall at a time, or unclogging drains.

My Three Bids

My Three Bids seems bent on evolving and disrupting the industry as a whole. They take a “match-making” approach that sometimes feels like eHarmony rather than another data-transfer lead service. Their stake in the game that seems to suite contractors and homeowners alike is that they spend some time with the homeowner, get to know the project scope of work, and match the homeowner to local contractors using a number of data points and real-market data. In other words, as a contractor - you're not just matched by the job type and zip code, but also the kinds of jobs you are looking for, the kinds of homeowners you're looking for, the brands you carry, warranties, and more. They market your company on their live phone calls, and can set appointments as well.

Pros for contractors:
  • It's free to create a profile, post pictures, and write blog articles.
  • You can pay to advertise in the directory and on competitor profiles.
  • There is a large amount of traffic looking for services on M3B, that is all Home Improvement Traffic.
  • Warmer leads, referrals that have heard of your company, and appointments set take out a lot of the marketing waste (time and money)
  • They set appointments for most trades, which was surprisingly hard to find with most of the other players that we looked at. This can act as a huge advantage, especially with those that cannot afford or aren't focused on a highly qualified phone team on their own.
  • They have a few membership options, and don't require long term contracts, which is refreshing as well
  • Some leads go to up to 3 contractors if the homeowner is looking to get 3 bids (hence the name My Three Bids), though exclusivity is also an option for many contractors.
  • Support requests can take a full day to respond
  • The brand isn't as well known in some parts of the US as some of the other companies listed here, although you pay for results so it may not matter for many contractors.
Cons for contractors:

In the end, My Three Bids has our vote. I know of a number of contractors that have done very well with M3B, largely because of the match-making techniques and algorithm that they use. Likely, running your own marketing (if you know what you're doing) and using a service like My Three Bids is most contractors best bet, which allows each Pro to be more autonomous and in control of their own marketing and lead acquisition.

Contractors can find pricing here:

Chicago, Illinois, July 4th, 2019 -- 24/7, an aspiring and inspirational hip hop artist, has a single called Out the Mud on iTunes. Upbeat and lively, the single is motivational and refreshing. Released on January 31, Out the Mud has been creating a buzz in Atlanta and other parts of the globe.

Out the Mud stands apart from other songs of many hip hop artists. Created with creativity, it has a touch of all elements that every avid fan looks for. From uniqueness, imagination to aesthetic appeal, it has them all, making it a must-have single for many. 

Out the Mud is a form of love, hard work, and commitment. 24/7 put his passion for music, making it a catchy song for different listeners out there. He worked hard on his unique music and recorded it in his sister kitchen, enabling his single to grow staring inwith hip hop industry in Atlanta.

Out the Mud is a hip hop form of music with a touch of rap. From irresistible swag to natural beat, the song is vivaciously contagious. For more than 3 minutes, listeners won't feel any dull moment. They can't help but feel more excited until the last second of the song. The day won't end without repeating the single for a couple of times, bringing everyone in the world a touch of unique music.

Aside from Out the Mud, there are other songs 24/7 have released. He has an album called PradaBoyDigital with more than 35 tracks. From upbeat, hip hop to rap, it has them all. There are many tracks to choose from, reaching everyone's unique taste buds and expectations.

With the hundreds of hip hop artists in Atlanta, 24/7 is undeniably the one of the most unique up and coming rapperin the country right now. From his pure swag, natural talent to his singing prowess, it cannot be denied that he's one of the most unique talents in Atlanta.

Despite that musical intelligence and charisma, 24/7 is an unsigned artist searching for a manager who can help him showcase his talent throughout the country. He has the potential to make his name across the globe. He has that charm that captures people's attention. He has the passion and flexibility that the music industry needs.

Out the Mud is currently available on Apple Music and iTunes so make sure you download your copy and stream today. Also, make sure you follow him on Instagram @1pradaboy and Twitter @1pradaboy to keep up with him.

About 24/7:

24/7 is a mentally challenged Hip Hop artist and model from Atlanta, GA. Born with Waardenburg syndrome, he considered it a big inspiration to fulfill his dreams. His mother and father are deaf and mute. While other artists have the financial means, 24/7 was raised without all the luxuries. He is known for his unique hip hop and rap style, making him stand out from the others. He can sing with heart and soul, catching everyone's attention and interest. Plus, he is an epitome of a patient and hardworking artist for all.

For Booking: 404-279-2633

O.J. Simpson’s big arrival on Twitter marked the 25th anniversary of one of the most watched murder cases in the United States. With his recent release from prison, O.J. has decided it’s time for a new chapter in his life and that it should be shared with the world. Is this a smart move by this public figure? Well, it could be both smart and wrong move at the same time. We all know how Twitter can quickly spread news after just a short tweet being online for only minutes. Tweets should be thought through before sharing with millions of people. So, what is O.J. Simpson tweeting about?

Well, he can be seen talking about rumors that are “untrue”, fantasy football, and…..running for President Of The United States in 2020? This tweet had news reporters going crazy, as O.J. said “Strap on your football helmets America because "Change Is Coming!". Could this actually be happening, or is this just another form of clickbait to raise awareness for another cause? That is the question everyone on Twitter is asking.

Although O.J. Simpson is making a comeback (bad or good), it’s important to take off our blinders and see the truth behind what people REALLY say. That is why we are going to follow him on Twitter and will continue to see where this goes.

Main Street, Orange, California, USA – June, 2019: Sandy Flores, a well-bred and long-standing California Licensed Real Estate Professional for over two and half decadeshas been distinguished by Broker(star)Agent Advisor as one of the best in real estate based on achievement, potential, leadership, ethics, community value, experience, capability, and trust.

Having previously earned our Seven Star Certificate of Excellence, Sandy has more recently been identified as one of the Top 500 award holders in this category at Broker (star) Agent Advisor.

She also has recently won the NAWRB award during the Roaring Thirty Awards Gala held on July 17th, 2017, in Costa Mesa, CA. A steadfast advocate for the rights and opportunities of female entrepreneurs, and a strong voice in the fight for equality, she was described as an incredible woman by the organizers of the event.

Sandy, who started her Real Estate career since the early 90s, at a well-known respected real estate company in Orange County, had been recognized by various communities in the County and beyond, for her long and excellent services. She spent the first ten years of her professional real estate career in Star Real Estate, where she also won Real Estate Award as Top Producer for 10 consecutive years.

In 2005, Sandy boldly stepped out and ventured into her own business as a Broker-Owner at J.C. & S.M. Inc, DBA as Real Estate on Demand, after years of dedicated service to her former employer. She is a strong believer in the power of a woman and wants to see other women helped to succeed by making a direct impact on their lives.

A woman of many parts, she worked along with the California Association of Realtors for three consecutive years and contributed as a speaker for "Home Buyers Fair," organized by the California Association of Realtors, and Los Angeles Times, which was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in 2010. She also participated in national and community events, such as “Making Home Affordable,” “;Help for Homeowners through Fannie Mae,” and “Neighborhood Works America” events during the housing crisis.

A great advocate for homeowner’s rights, she sought to help homeowners prevent getting scammed. Irked by the increasing number of homeowners who were defrauded, she wrote her first book in July 2012, (Spanish version): “Juntosen la Lucha contra la EjecucionHipotecaria” – “Together Against Foreclosure", (in English), which became a guide to educate and inform homeowners on how to avoid problems associated with the estate management business. For this, she received a letter appreciating her efforts from former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama.

About Sandy Flores:

Sandy Flores is indeed an incredible woman. A mother of three, grandma of eight, Real Estate Broker, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author, and Instructor at a Santa College, she lives and practices her profession in California. She has made a great impact on the lives of others, both clients, and colleagues, and as a result received awards and recognition for her contributions to humanity.

For more information, please visit her website at >>>>

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