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One of the best things you can do for your body is to lighten its load and also, decrease the toxins via traditional methods. Essential Oils have been around for thousands of years with the promise of both emotional and physical wellness. They are enriched with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties which assist in keeping your mind and body relaxed.

Essential Oils are also known for healing sleep disorders while relaxing the body in the process. It is then that, it becomes important to point out the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation. Taking adequate rest and a proper sleep improves the metabolic process in your body and contributes towards a stronger immune system.

Let us delve deeper into some of the best essential oils that you can make the most of for a fitter, happier you!

Cinnamon Oil

With its sweet, spicy, musky and warm characteristics, Cinnamon Oil is recognized as a powerful natural preservative which can work wonders on your body. Used particularly to cure neurological issues, Cinnamon Oil relaxes your mind and eliminates sleep disorders. Marking its existence as the best essential oil for sleep, this oil is anti-inflammatory and also known for curing muscle pain.

Lavender Oil

This particular oil perhaps tops the list of best essential oils for relaxation. Enriched with a rich content of eucalyptol and camphor, Lavender Oil is a one-stop solution to major mental disorders. It relaxes the body and eases off your pressure significantly with its sedative and antispasmodic properties.

Eucalyptus Oil

Often termed as a bug repellent, Eucalyptus Oil aids in boosting your immune system by relaxing your neural cells. It eases tension and induces relaxation, thus promoting a great night's sleep.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Oil is very famous as a natural stimulant. When inhaled, the aroma increases brain wave activity and decreases the level of stress hormones. The healing properties of rosemary oil through its use and fragrance makes it one of the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil is a tremendous healer for sleep disorders due to the presence of menthol and menthone. Peppermint Oil has been proved as a significant reducer in the pain of tension headaches and nausea. It energizes the brain cells making you feel refreshed all day. It is an effective treatment for neurological problems and helps you to get adequate rest.

All these essential oils discussed herein are of utmost importance. The right use of these oils at the right time helps you reduce the pressure and relax your brain cells. The use of these best essential oils for relaxation aids you in reaping splendid results in the future. With their antioxidant properties, these essential oils promise to act as a natural healer to the problems of mankind. These oils relax your body and help you enjoy a stress-free life. Be sure to get your daily dose of essential oils so that you are healthy and fit, both physically and mentally!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Indoor Air Quality


Cooler temperatures mean more time inside, flu season, and snuggly nights watching our favorite movies. It also means we need to pay attention to our indoor air quality as your air conditioning unit now turn into the heating unit. Pollutants are quietly stirring around in the air we are breathing. During warmer months, we spend more time with windows open and outside in generally, so the air quality is by default much better.

Radon, secondhand smoke, combustion pollutants, volatile organic compounds and asthma triggers are all part of the indoor terrain. Mold and other bacteria grow and become pesky triggers. Other effects can be headaches, ear, nose and throat symptoms, allergic reactions, nausea, dizziness, respiratory illnesses, or even cancer. All of these make our bodies work overtime, which weaken our immune systems and allow us to contract flus, colds, pneumonia, bronchitis and more.

It’s important that we heighten our regimen when indoors; we must pay attention to what we have going on. Good practices that improve indoor air quality are ventilation and filtration of home and workspaces. Weekly dusting and cleaning and don’t forget about the throw blankets and pillows. Always smoke outside where secondhand smoke can escape. Keep in mind if you are around coworkers who are sick, make sure you clean your workspace. If a family member is sick make sure you perform a thorough cleaning of common spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

At my home, during the winter months, we change our filters every month, wash all bedding and throws once a week, and are constantly disinfecting surfaces.

Call your AC Repair professional, who can do indoor air quality testing.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The new “buzz words” in pressure washing


SI'm sure by now you've heard some of the "new" buzz words in pressure washing, and you probably have some idea what they mean. But do you know HOW and WHY there is such an emphasis on these terms... It's because doing it wrong can lead to damaging your house or, at the very least, having your wash last a shorter time than expected. Your home is probably your greatest investment and it is also a reflection of you. You want to take care of it so it looks good.

So let’s discuss some of those terms and what they mean:
Pressure washing:a method of cleaning which uses high-pressure hoses to blast away difficult to remove dirt, grime and mold. Sometimes also called power washing.

Soft washing:lower levels of water pressure are used to clean the surface instead of high pressure.Detergents and cleaning agents are used to clean.

A professional pressure washing service should be able to adjust the following when cleaning surfaces around your property. Feel free to ask about the following:

PSI (Pounds per square inch): This is the amount of pressure the person washing your house will use on the surface. A knowledgeable professional will know that the amount of pressure should be adjusted depending on what surface is being cleaned. For example, many commercial washers have as much as 4,000 PSI, but a roof should be “soft washed.” Here in Ocala, we use around 80 PSI on your roof.

GPM (Gallons per minute): The number of gallons per minute used in pressure washing is not the same as the PSI. This represents the speed at which the water comes out of the machine. The volume helps get the job done. The more gallons per minute, the faster the rinse.

The other factors involved in pressure washing your house are cleaning agents and heat. License to Wash is dedicated to using the correct chemicals for the job, and also using heat to help get your home clean. If you have ever tried washing greasy dishes with cold water, you should know how important it is to hire a professional pressure washer who can use hot water to get the grease stains off your driveway.



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