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Don't panic, avoid stress! The most important thing for prevention, infection and for the cure of mad viruses is a strong immune system! Daily movement in nature, park, forest, circulation, fresh air, preventive sweating, cold shower, hot bath is the best for health and to strengthen the immune system! Preventive also helps mindfulness among themselves, friendly exchange at a distance. Food such as pomegranate, ginger, garlic, coconut oil, sea buckthorn, licorice help prevent viruses, etc. Important! Vitamin B6 is good for the formation of immune messengers, vitamin E for immune cells and against free radicals. Selenium and / or zinc is also good for strengthening the immune system, contained in cashew nuts, fish, pumpkin seeds, almonds, poppy seeds and sesame. Sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi and miso contain the important probiotics, which can also strengthen the immune system. In principle, more is not necessary, one or two of the below mentioned foods is sufficient. Everyone should know what strengthens and can strengthen the immune system. Garlic and licorice are probably the strongest blockers against harmful bacteria and viruses!

Here are two 5 points for the prevention and alleviation of the symptoms of infection. In principle, one of the healthy foods is sufficient for strengthening the immune system and reducing viruses. A balanced and varied diet with the foods listed can prevent or reduce almost any bacterial and viral infection.

- Broccoli, garlic! Cabbage, sage, sauerkraut, licorice!
- Green tea (3x daily), honey with garlic, coconut oil, turmeric,..
- Hemp oil, linseed oil, organic sunflowers and / or walnut oil, caraway seeds, oregano
- Pomegranate! Ginger, red pepper, rice, sea buckthorn ! Sweet potatoes
- Sunflower seeds, kefir, kimchi, miso probiotics +

With 1-2 of the respective food classes, immune preparations are not really necessary. Mineral and vitamin depots are ok. Some of the above-mentioned agents for prevention are also effective when infected, since a strong immune system is primarily required for fast healing. Cayenne and chilli can also help, but not everyone can tolerate sharpness.

Here are more important information how to reduce Corona and even to stop the virus.

The official tips like desinfection, washing hands, etc. are for the most people clear, here are some advanced methods and better solutions who could really help - for prevention and even to cure!

1. Drinking of healing water, healthy food and strengthening of the immune system, weekly mineral and vitamine depots - official health authorities should share M&V depots.

2. All 1-3 days garlic, it can cover the skin with a protection layer, it can be good to prevent harmful bakteria and viruses! Same for breath and water cycle, garlic has the potential to reduce many viruses.

3. Very important is to think about UV-C light and to use it also on a larger scale, especially for courier, postal offices – for example in main letter sharing centres - food and other delivery services - think about pizza delivery services!

There are even some portable UV-C devices in development and production, so the prices going down to a few Euros! Public hotspots and most touched layers in banks, buses, libraries, hospitals, stores, trains, trams, universities could get such 'medical' UVC lights – portable and stationary!

4. There is an adaptogenic healing tea like Ginseng, it can reduce damage and suffering for infected people, it even has the potential to cure the desease completely!

5. Some weeks ago a tree was found who has the most effective substance, first medical test have shown that it can reduce 80 percent or more of the virus in the body. The bad news is, this tree is very endangered and only aviable in a few regions, like in Indonesia. Indust. synthetisation will maybe possible in approx 4-6 months.

If you want to know more details, you can contact anytime by eMail or other official channels. Your friend of nature. More news and usefull tips will follow

Please forward and share the important information.

Finally some good news for small business owners suffering from this current health crisis. All In One Web LLC, a text marketing company based in Massachusetts, is offering free services across the USA to small businesses and small business owners affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

It's called the:

Coronavirus No-Cost Small Business Assistance Program

During this difficult time for businesses in the United States, many establishments may end up closing for good if the coronavirus pandemic lasts too long. This could have a devastating long term effect on many local families who own businesses. We’d like to help avoid that from happening.

Any company that is still open or is offering takeout or delivery services can use the customer retention text marketing program created by All In One Web LLC for no cost for up to 60 days to assist in getting through this crisis.  This comes with no contracts or obligations, we would love to help small businesses to make it through this challenge we are all facing.

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March 23, 2020 - The entertainment industry is a dynamic world where you can earn money by showcasing your talent online. Now that you can avail of the online forums and brilliant platforms, you can easily make music independently sitting at home and posting them. The recent outbreak of the Corona Virus is taking a toll on the morale of people. In this dreadful time, musicians like Wayne Dreadksi are providing hope and confidence to the people of the world with his music. He is also earning a decent amount of money without going outside and risking his life.

The independence an artist can enjoy with the aid of the best online portals for music is a blessing. You can now produce your own piece of art and entertain your fans. While staying at home and maintaining social distance as directed by the WHO, you can focus totally on your art. Create music and follow the footsteps of Wayne Dreadski. He is currently enjoying a good royalty over its new album named ‘Travel Addict’. According to the expert independent musician, here is a list of brilliant ways to create music and make money online.

Post music on iTunes, Google Play, AmazonMP3, etc and get paid for every download.

Stream your music and generate revenue from Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

Follow the news on Facebook and generate revenue via selling music on this social media platform.

Seek performance royalties from radio, TV channels, etc.

Use YouTube to open a channel and share your music to earn money.

You can also seek crowd-funding from Patreon and other amazing online platforms. Make thematic music sitting at home based on common topics like travel, love, etc. get intuitive and find your inspirations. Learn Making money with your music and follow the footsteps of Wayne Dreadski to become famous and earn money when the entire world is quarantined due to this epidemic.

Get more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Ms. Freddy Thurman
110 McClain Lane
Atlanta GA 30315
404 438 7638

Teltabit announced the launch of miners with the highest hash rate, low power consumption and most profitability miners that will bring anyone who believes in making more money to invest in the cryptocurrency revolution.

Teltabit Incorporation launches four(4) new high-quality cryptocurrency miners with the highest returns on investment in the cryptocurrency global market. Due to innovative technology, the company has successfully reduced the power consumption of miner hardware with up to 20% lesser than any in the market, and at the same time improved hash rate with up to 60%.

We present to you revolutionary miners, which solves the biggest issue in crypto mining;
-TeltaMulti T1.5:Bitcoin 23Th/s, Ethereum 40.2 MH/s, Monero 900h/s; GRIN 3.9 GPS,Zcash sols/s with low electricity consumption of 350W
-Teltabit T10:90TH/s,1000W
-Teltabit T15: 145TH/s,1500W
-Teltabit T20: 198TH/s, 2000W

"Our team of scientists has been making tests and working hard for the last 3 years on this innovative technology".

Cryptocurrencies holds long-term promise, the innovations promote a faster, more secure and more efficient wealth creation"- Mason Burrows (CEO).

Teltabit is an experienced cryptocurrency miner manufacturing company with the best top-notch customer service. Founded in 2017. Teltabit has research and manufacturing centers in Tokyo Japan. Headquarters in Limburg, Netherlands.

With our professionalism, sincerity, and efforts, we have gained trust and support from customers worldwide.

Initially developed for Shell to document drilling platforms, VAM2 helps users worldwide in more than 30 different markets to master their projects. Drone inspections, laser scans, photogrammetry, 360 still and video, documents, audios, etc. Every digital format can now be managed, connected to distributed to your clients on one platform without losing data ownership.
Access your data and projects from any device like a tablet, phone, pc, or mac without any plugin and display more than 400 file formats directly in your web-browser. You will find no other application in the market capable of doing this.

The SaaS offering released today makes access for smaller companies, agencies, and even micro- enterprises convenient at an entry price. All you need is a browser to start creating astonishing  projects that your clients will love.

Register your 7 days fully functional free test run at, and for the early birds, we offer an exclusive 10% release party discount for all orders before Friday, April 3rd, 2020.

About VAM2
VAM2 is developed, serviced, and administrated by and from the Weiss AG headquarter in Germany.
Weiss AG is a stock company, founded in 2008, and registered at the local Court Kaiserslautern under the Commercial Register Number HRB 30524.

Press contact:
Mrs. Annette Ruster
Phone: +496314140490
Fax: +4963141404969

Interracial husband and wife duo “THE PACES” teamed up to create a stunning collection of songs, blurring the lines between different ideas and sonic aesthetics.

Along with a string of amazing new recent releases, one of the most outstanding projects of the period is definitely “Parfait”, a brand new album release by recording project: “The Paces”consisting of Eric Pace and Candace Edwards-Pace, who joined forces in music, and in life! The pair’s chemistry, in fact, is truly undeniable, and their music relates to the special bonds that these artists share. In addition to that, their production is very accomplished, giving their music a very organic feel adding more value to the authenticity of their performance and setting the bar higher in terms of excellence.

Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago(Candace) and Redding-California(Eric), the duo harnessed many different cultural influences to make this release special, channeling elements of Psychedelic, Soul, R&B as well as Caribbean music.

The Paces make music that swiftly defies the usual coordinates of indie, going for a more direct and energetic approach. The songs on this beautifully crafted album have a unique impact, and it is clear from the get-go that they are personally very involved with the sound and feel of their work. Each track explores a different direction, meaning that the set list feels diverse and exciting, like a true musical journey. Parfait will hit you with some timeless production aesthetics, as well as an emotionally driven performance, which sets the bar higher in terms of passion and energy. There are so many amazing textures and great production choices on this release, and everything seems to fall into place so seamlessly, giving this Parfait a personal twist.

Ultimately, this album stands out for its remarkable dualism. On one hand, it is extremely cohesive. On the other, it is not afraid to stray from the comfort zone and explore many exciting creative possibilities in order to tell stories through music. The listening experience, for this reason, is extremely rewarding and engaging. Parfait is a great example of what it is like to make music with a modern mindset, and a classic twist.



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