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    QB Is Definitely On the Rise

    People dream of being successful every day, but it takes drive, dedication and skill to actually get up go out and get it. In the world of hip hop there are a lot of people chasing that dream of success but not many with the right amount of talent to back their drive and dedication. QB Entertainment has what it takes to make it to the top. G-Weezy, Young Infamous, Drizzle and Murda Millz, are a lyrical quartet born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. They live by the philosophy “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. So they are planning to take hip hop by storm and have been working hard to reach their goal.

    QB’s first CD titled “WE ON THE RISE” was released in March, 2011. The presence they created on this album led them to a very successful and prestigious party held superstar Jay-Z’s 40/40 night club in Manhattan New York. QB Entertainment first music video title “TAKE IT TO THE TOP” a hit single from their CD “WE ON THE RISE”. This took their success even further and showed just how hard they were grinding in pursuit of a dream.

    February 2012, QB Entertainment begun to work on their second album titled “WE CHASING THE DREAM NOT THE COMPETITION” which was released in December 2012. These talented men love what they do as creative lyrical artists. QB Entertainment is not only confident that they will succeed but proving they can reach the goal of anything their minds are set on. Along with the superb amount of success their second album has had, these four men also have shown a strong entrepreneurial by starting a clothing line. Strong minded and community oriented they believe in giving back to their communities. With faith, inner strength, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication, QB Entertainment going to move forward without turning back.

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    Stephanie Davis
    Still Beauty PR/ Black Rose ENT    
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