May 2015

Singapore, May 21, 2015 -- Left your keys at home? Lost your keys? These issues may be a thing of the past when more home owners in Singapore are switching to digital locks for their home doors and gates. With digital locks, homeowners can gain access simply by using passwords, fingerprints or RFID access cards.

Local digital lock company AN Digital Lock, which celebrated the grand opening of their new shophouse in April this year has seen a rise in homeowners enquiring about their digital locks. They are one of Singapore’s authorised dealer for Samsung, Yale, and Kaba digital locks. As part of the celebration, AN Digital Lock is giving discounts to all their new and existing customers for various digital lock products.

Mr Ivan of AN Digital Lock said, “We have been receiving many positive reviews about digital locks from customers and how it has provided convenience to their family”. Mr Desmond Sim, who recently purchased and installed a Samsung digital lock SHS-P718, is satisfied with the new lock and service provided by AN Digital Lock. “Mr Ivan gave a good price and service was good. After the installation was done, Ivan even came down to give a detailed explanation on the functionality of the lock.

Digital locks has gained popularity in Singapore because of its convenience. However, there are still people who are worried if digital locks does provide the tight security that they promises. Facebook User Mr Farid asks “What if the digital lock runs low on battery? Can I still open my door?” We enquired with AN Digital Lock and they said that all digital locks today comes with mechanical key, and the homeowner can still open the door when the lock is low on battery, or when there is system fault.

As more people get to know more about the benefits of installing digital lock devices, Ivan advices homeowners to learn more about the difference between the types of digital locks available in the market before making the final purchase. This will help them to install the correct lock that works for years to come.

About AN Digital Lock:

As an authorised dealer for Samsung, Yale and Kaba digital locks, AN Digital Lock has gained the trust from many homeowners for their exceptional service and life-time technical support for digital door lock installation.

To find out more about AN Digital Lock, please visit


Media Contacts:
Name: AN Digital Lock
Address: 3 Saint George's Road #01-95 Singapore 320003
Phone: +65 6966 6788

Featuring this newly released men’s website that associates potential consumers in providing them different array of men’s health products and assist them in finding best deals and practical solutions for men’s muscle-building needs.

Brooklyn, NY, May 25, 2015, -- For launching today, Monster-Muscle is a one-stop reference website offering men’s muscle-building product reviews, particularly pre-workout & post-workout health supplements. This website has been prudently designed to bridge the gap of numbers of possible men’s users and provide these seekers outstanding and excellent solutions who are in search for highly recommended, ideal and popular men’s products that are displayed online. Also, with the objective of helping online surfers in saving time from spending too long hours in browsing for numerous websites, earnestly seeking for their exact needs, relating to muscle-mass and energy booster products.

Monster-Muscle is a web network of different kinds of premium and quality brands of dietary health supplements such muscle-building products, specifically pre-workout & post-workout pills or capsules.

The spokesperson of company stated, “This website is deliberated and expertly constructed to feature exclusive men’s products that can only be sold online or in the internet with limited risk-free trial product offers in favor of potential consumers who actually have the privilege of returning such items whether used or unused in case of dissatisfaction. Furthermore, this website is absolutely not the owner of the men’s products publicized or advertised but only assisting the viewers and seekers of quality product reviews and information.”

Pledged to serve or cater large audience of men, Monster-Musclewebsite will frequently update of new and premium, quality bodybuilding products and other related-items, together with each product’s promotional ads. This notable website guarantees that all products presented and placed in this website are highly recommended by experts, hot-selling and scientifically-proven safe and naturally effective.

About Monster-Muscle

This website is functional in endorsing men’s body system specifically muscle-building products and energy enhancer solutions. Also providing honest and reliable product reviews in order to support online visitors and potential customers in choosing and buying for practical and wise product selections based on their particular needs regarding men’s health issues or concerns.

For further information and details, visit and subscribe for news updates and advertisements by email.


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463 E 9th St
Brooklyn NY 11218

Premiera Anti-Aging Formula is an injection-free skin care solution that does dramatic repair, rejuvenation and renewal to your aging, old-looking and could be damaged skin, the very natural way!

Los Angeles, CA, May 22, 2015 -- Painless, no hassle, just natural. This is the advocate for the newly released skincare must-have called “Premiera Anti-Aging Cream” that has been featured in famous media, magazines and publications just like cosmo, nbc, usa today and more. Premiera Anti-Aging Cream has exceptional and superb skin benefits due to its highly advanced wrinkle-reduction formula, along with intense and ultra-effective ingredients, that provides the skin with dramatic transformations -- naturally decreases fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness and increases collagen production in the skin.

Premiera Anti-Aging Cream, along with other excellent natural ingredients, is embodied with an active and potent key element called the face firming “peptide,” which is mainly responsible for eradicating traces and lines on the face, making it velvety smooth, wrinkle-free and absolutely appearing so young. Premiera as well has went through series of clinically test which proves more that this skin care item is safe, gentle and hypoallergenic, and it does not cause any side effects or any allergic reactions to the skin, which makes it more qualified to work on any types of skin.

Due to its revolutionary skin care breakthrough, one satisfied user stated, “I am 43 years old and have never seen results this good. This product has really changed my life for the better.” Elizabeth T, Los Angeles, CA.

Benefits of Premiera Anti-Aging Cream
  • Diminishes fine lines & wrinkles
  • Serves as antioxidant due to some essential vitamins
  • Brightens & lightens skin appearance
  • Makes skin smooth and more supple
  • Improves the skin’s immunity from free radicals
  • Promotes youthfulness & resilience

Availability of the product -- Premiera anti-aging formula is only available as an “internet-exclusive” type of skin care product. Which simply indicates that this product can’t be seen or purchased at any leading stores, supermarkets or beauty shops. Instead, have this for grab through buying online, in its official website or to any of its exclusive or authorized websites too.

For more facts about Premiera, visit its official website, and along with it, is the product offer of a limited risk-free trial to all its potential users or early online visitors.

To seek further details or product review, this site can also be relied upon:

About SkincareAnti-Aging:

This website designed to provide thorough research and studies about top skin care products that specializes anti-aging variety. This section administers the skin care products’ full information in order to assist the users in their selection of skin care. Moreover, serves quality reviews of these genuine products to establish to the users of the products’ benefits, safeness and efficacy. To know more you can visit here


Media Contacts:
Company: Skincare Anti-Aging
Address: 463 E 9th St
Brooklyn, NY, 11218, USA

May 18, 2015, -- Ing. Frank Jorge Eliasarrived at anamicablesettlementwithhis ex-wife Sandra Kurdas, aftershe and DistrictProsecutor, withdrewthecharge of physicalviolence, sincetheycouldnotprove in anyinstance, the original accusations, whichmaliciouslywerepublishedbysomecompetitors media, forthesolepurpose of damagingthereputation of theChairman of SupercanalGroup; PioneeronbroadcastinginternationalDominicanTelevision Content, as well as thegoodname of a modelcitizen, considerbywellrecognise USA Cable operators as a Legend in theIndustry.

On 31 MarchthisyearthePublicMinistry, as well as Mrs. Sandra Kurdas withdrewtheaccusationbeforethe 5th InstructionCourtwhichwasestablishedveryclearlythatnever, Eng. Jorge Eliasattackedhiswife. As proofthat Frank Jorge Eliaswasdischargedfromtheaccusationsimputedtohim, find attachallthedecisions (which are publicdocuments), especiallythe 3rd Chamber of the Criminal Chamber of theNationalDistrict, where a jurycomposedmostly of women , Mrs. Kurdas statethatthethephotoshowed a woundonherforehead, wastheresult of anaccident; Similarlyafterexaminingtheevidenceprovidedby Mrs. Sandra Kurdas, 6th RoomFamilyCourt rule thattherewasnotanykind of genderviolenceEngineer Frank Jorge againsthis ex-wife, whichwasalsoratifiedbytheappellatecourt, whopronouncedonequalterms.

Itis more thanclearthattheengineer Jorge Eliasistotallyinnocent ofsuchaccusations. As previously,twodifferentcourts, includingtheCourt of Appeal dismissedthephysical and psychologicaloranygenderviolencebyMr Jorge.

2- Resolution No. 00270-TS-2013 4 / June 2013, ThirdChamber of thecourt of appeal, in which he waschangedthemeasure, Mrs. acknowledgedthattherewas no coup, whichwas accidental, thereforephysicalviolencewasdiscarded.

3- Severaldecisionswheretheyrejectoppositions, appeals and incidentsmatchings.

4- P089-2015 Resolution of March 31, 2015, issuspendingtheprocess, receiving a trial in whichtheprosecutionwithdrewsupportphysicalviolence and marital problems, withoutwithittheengineeradmittedcommittingviolenceagainstwomen.

TheBusinessman of Media, startlawsuitsagainstpeoplethatthrough social networkshavedefamedhim, accusinghim of offenses he nevercommitted and invites thosethattendtodiscreditcheerfullypeople, refrainfromengaging in thepractice of untruthfulstatements; toavoidfacing criminal chargesforthecrime of defamation.


Media Contacts:
Danny Wirken

Australia, May 25, 2015, -- Australian search engine optimisation specialists FatSEO have today announced a huge increase in clients. It comes after continued success in a number of high profile campaigns to promote online popularity for some of the biggest companies in the world. Thanks to fantastic testimonials from those who have used their services in the past, anyone looking to build a strong online presence now knows who they need to contact.

The firm provides a number of excellent services that have proven to produce the results businesses want. Some of the most popular ones include:

  • Digital Consulting
  • Website Development
  • Penalty Removal
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • App Development
  • Digital Reputation Management

No matter what your business hopes to achieve online, FatSEO is here to help. They employ a team of dedicated experts who are passionate about satisfying their customer and helping them to reach their goals. Even if you’re not too sure what you hope to gain at the current time, the professionals at this company can give advice and point you in the right direction.

FatSEO is a brand that believes things can get better. They aim to take less, give more and inspire their competitors to do the same. The firm is different from many of the other ones out there because they don’t ask their clients to sign contracts. They believe their results do all the talking, and so there is no need for signing your life away. FatSEO currently operates under the slogan “Tired of skinny results? Building heavyweight solutions.” That should tell you something about their commitment to becoming the best SEO specialists in the world.

We all know that SEO is a complicated game these days. With Google releasing updates that move the goalposts every few months, it’s vital that you have the right people working on your behalf. If you select a less than professional SEO company, you run the risk of damaging your online reputation. While penalties can be removed, you must try to avoid getting them in the first place.

Anyone who wants to find out more can click the link at the top of this page to visit the FatSEO website. If you don’t want to do that, we’ve included some of their contact information below. Regardless of which services you might require, the team will talk you through everything and do their best to design a plan to suits your business. Don’t hesitate to raise any possible issues or concerns with them because they always have time to listen to their clients.


Media Contacts:
165 Cremorne Street
Richmond 3122, Australia
1300 78 40 30

United Kingdom, May 14, 2015, -- Bella Bathrooms is proud to support the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers to bring their customers the best in British bathroom design at the most competitive prices around. This new association with Hudson Reed highlights how they strive to provide their customers with top quality bathroom products that are the latest in modern technology.

Providing your customers with top quality bathroom products at the most competitive prices has always been the main ambition at Bella Bathrooms. The mantra of providing a luxury bathroom at an affordable price has served them well as they continue to grow their business. Hudson Reed has become one of the most well known brand names in the current bathroom market that provide luxury bathroom products at reasonable prices. It is this similarity in their businesses that will serve them well as the join forces.

Hudson Reed, like Bella Bathrooms, pride themselves on supporting British manufacturing and are members of the prestigious “Made in Britain” scheme. Their state of the art distribution centre in Lancashire employs over 150 people. They also produce in house the patented “Valquest” technology on their thermostatic showers which ensures protection from scalding and helping to maintain a constant water temperature in the shower for the user. The patented “Pearlstone” shower trays are also produced there along with all the baths being sourced in the UK.

Hudson Reed products are of the highest quality when it comes to both bathroom design and bathroom style. They offer a fantastic 20 year guarantee on their bathroom products as standard which means Bella Bathrooms customers can purchase with confidence. Their bathroom range encompasses everything imaginable from designer bathroom furniture to deluxe bathroom suites to the latest in modern shower technology. Hudson Reed is at the fore front of modern design technology and aim to bring people the very latest innovations in bathroom product design. Bella Bathrooms are keen to provide their customers with all the latest advances which will make this association with Hudson Reed all the more fruitful.

As people try to become more environmentally friendly in the bathroom it is important for companies to produce products that are mindful of this.

Hudson Reed is committed to helping people become more water efficient and have produced products with eco friendly features. The “Eco-flo” regulates bathroom taps so that you can restrict the maximum flow rate therefore reducing your water consumption. The “Eco-click” is a feature of the mono basin mixer taps. This is a cartridge that allows you to select reduced or full flow from the tap, again helping to reduce the amount of water that is wasted in the bathroom. Bella Bathrooms are keen to supply products like this to their customers so that they can be more energy efficient in the bathroom.

Building links with companies that are both innovative and ethical is an important aspect of Bella Bathrooms business as they aim to provide this affordable luxury to their customers. Hudson Reed offer some of the most stylish and luxurious products in the world of bathrooms today and you can view them here at Bella Bathrooms. Their range of beautiful products can really turn an average bathroom space into a room to be proud of and help you create that wow factor. Hudson Reed can really inspire you to get renovating your bathroom space or adding the finishing touches to your current bathroom. Their fantastic products often feature in home and lifestyle magazines meaning people will seek out their products on a regular basis. This will help to drive more custom to Bella Bathrooms.

As Bella Bathrooms look to expand their business becoming an approved retailer of Hudson Reed will undoubtedly create more interest in Bella Bathrooms as a brand. It will highlight their commitment to bringing the best bathroom products direct to their customers at prices that are achievable for a number of different budgets. Aside from the fantastic online shop Bella Bathrooms will soon be opening their eagerly awaited showroom at their new Bowburn premises with the development of further expansion on the horizon. The pull of supplying Hudson Reed products can only improve the development of Bella Bathrooms as one of the leading bathroom suppliers in the UK.


Media Contacts:
Bella Bathrooms
Unit 10, Bowburn South Industrial Estate
Bowburn, Durham DH6 5AD

United Kingdom, May 13, 2015, -- One of the UK’s leading PCB electronics specialists has published a blog post on their site that highlights all the cool things consumers can do with a Raspberry PI. The PCB Train - Raspberry PI projects listed could be a fantastic way of getting your children more interested in the technology. Over the last few weeks, the PCB Train website has experienced a rush of traffic from all over the world. That comes as thousands of consumers aim to educate themselves about using the device. It has become evidently clear that most people are interested in the concept; they just have little understanding of what it can do for them.

Here are just some of the ideas from the blog post to give you a feel for what you can do:

  • Play retro games. The Raspberry PI is not the strongest computer you will ever use, but it is more than powerful enough to handle all those retro games you love.
  • Creating a media center. Playing movies and songs from a Raspberry PI is not as complicated as most people imagine. XBMC is the most popular software used at the current time.
  • Automated pet feeder. Do you forget to feed your animals from time to time? That is no longer an issue if you choose to use your Raspberry PI to create an automated pet feeder.
  • Build a supercomputer. Most people are unaware of this fact, but you can link multiple Raspberry PIs together and create a supercomputer. Just don’t try to take over the world if you can help it.
  • Learning to program. Learning the code for computers can be very difficult, but the Raspberry PI makes it so simple even your kids can give it a try.
  • Create a smartphone. While it might not look as stylish as one of the latest devices manufactured by Apple, the Raspberry PI can be turned into a smartphone.

Those were just a few of the fantastic ideas given in the blog post on the PCB train website. If you would like to find out more, you should click the link in the first paragraph. Alternatively, you might like to make use of the contact information listed below. The customer service team at PCB train are always on hand to answer any questions you might have, and they are more than knowledgeable enough to offer advice. Don’t hesitate to call on their expertise if you are unsure about anything. They also offer a wide range of alternative products and services that you should check out.


For all media information contact:

T: +44 (0) 1635 40347
F: +44 (0) 1635 36143

Newbury Electronics Ltd
Faraday Road
Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2AD U.K

May 4, 2015

-Do you have an idea but lacks the writing skills you need to put it together as a book?

-Do you have the writing skills you need, but has no time?

-Do you wish to publish many books in a short time to increase your royalties?

We offer quality ghostwriting services: fiction and non-fiction according to our clients' needs.


SpyCrushers showcases 5 star customer reviews from Amazon.

United States, May 3, 2015 -- A recently held press conference at Crushers, Inc. headquarters, Co-Founder Ryan Anderson released a customer satisfaction report for their SpyCrushers car Keychain Camera.

Aside from the many topics the report covered, Ryan drew specific attention to the many 5 star reviews earned by their Car Keychain Spy Camera from customers who purchased the hidden camera device on Amazon.

One five star reviewer wrote, "I admit to having been a little skeptical about this, but for the price, I figured it was worth a try. I have to say I'm impressed. This is a well-designed and well-built little device. It is easy to set up and use. Clear instructions are provided. It's easy to set a time stamp, if you want that functionality which I do, and it's easy to download files to your computer you don't need to remove the micro SD card. And the customer support is A-1. I'll get to that in a bit. I'm still putting it through its paces, but it seems to automatically break long video recordings into 10 minute segments, which could be useful. How much you can store will depend on the size of your memory card, mine came with a 4GB card, but the practical limitation is really the battery. I think you'd run out of juice before you filled an 8GB card. But in the tests I've done, that still amounts to over an hour of video recording. Or a whole lot of still shots.

Of course, the battery life will decrease over time, so it remains to be seen how long it holds up. I do recommend that you follow their instructions and fully discharge the battery before recharging it the first five times. The way I'm doing that is by just setting it to record and leaving it. After forty minutes of recording 4 segments it seems to automatically shut down to save battery, I'm guessing, in case you started it by accident so just set it going again. When it has run down plug it into your computer, check out your files, make sure the date stamp is working right and leave it to fully recharge.

Couple of other things. It doesn't have Spycrushers written on it, which is good, more discrete. It does have a little yellow light, the flashing of which tells you what is going on. It stays on when the unit is on standby, turned on but not recording. But it turns off when it's recording video, which allows you to set it down and leave it recording with no one being the wiser.

My first one was acting up, so I contacted the company. Their response was swift, professional, and courteous, and within a few days I had a replacement. They also followed up later to make sure I was happy. That kind of support is rare, and worth noting in itself. Even if the battery has kept in 6 months, though truthfully, I expect it to last longer than that. At this price I wouldn't hesitate to buy another."

Another top 5 star review read, "Finally a keychain spy camera with clear easy to understand instructions written in actual english and the packaging is outstanding. These cameras are perfect for attaching with tape to model rockets."

The SpyCrushers Car Keychain Spy Camera is currently available for purchase on SpyCrushers and Amazon websites.

About SpyCrushers:

SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods, electronics and dietary supplements.


Media Contacts:
Ericka Evans

SpyCrushers, a product brand owned by Crushers, Inc. today publicized that its Spy Camera Pen products are now available exclusively on Amazon

United States, May 3, 2015 --"Our buyers have been expecting our SpyCrushers Spy Camera Pen to launch on Amazon and I'm certain that it will not only match buyer assumptions, but surpass them. We believe our spy pen camera is the best hidden camera pen available," said Ryan Anderson, President of Crushers, Inc.

This sophisticated writing executive ball-point pen is constructed to give users a completely undercover video recording and photo taking experience. "The SpyCrushers Spy Camera Pen is easy to carry, simple to operate and serves as an important tool in business, education, security, media, policing, tourism and many other fields. Additionally, the device also functions as a PC Webcam, allowing owners to video chat online effortlessly", Anderson proceeded to say.

A Mini USB cable charges the device and acts a continuous power charger when connected to a personal computer. It also doubles its duty and can be used to transfer recorded media video and photo files from the device to a computer.

"We create products that fit and enhance all different sort of cultures and this is just the beginning," said Crushers, Inc. Product Development Manager, Michael Chu.

Offered in black and silver each Spy Camera Pen comes with one mini USB cable a refillable mini SD memory card and an owner operations manual.

SpyCrushers ensures that every purchased Spy Camera Pen is risk-free with a 100 percent money back guarantee. Customers who are not completely satisfied with the functions or features of their spy pen within thirty days have the option to recoup their investment through the company's customer purchase policy.

Additional products readied to launch soon within the SpyCrushers line include things like personal alarms, diversion safes, professional surveillance equipment, survival gear and product accessories.

The new SpyCrushers Spy Camera Pen is now available on the online buyer’s marketplace Amazon with an MSRP of $24.99-$39.99.

About SpyCrushers:

SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods, electronics and dietary supplements.


Media Contacts:
Ericka Evans
Crushers Inc.

SpyCrushers rep releases posted five star Amazon reviews for Spy Camera Sunglasses product.

United States, May 3, 2015 -- "My son received these glasses as a present from his granddad. He is a bona-fide explorer and spent the whole day outside taking all kinds of pictures and recording video of woodland creatures and insects. I helped him upload and transfer the files to our laptop which was terribly easy and I was truly impressed with the quality of the pictures and video. He was able to capture pictures and video from unique angles which made for really good photography. He was so excited with the results that he is going to start a video nature diary. I am so pleased to have awakened the adventurer in him and he's happy that he looks cool doing it! The spy camera sunglasses are durable, versatile, and well-made. My son is totally addicted to wearing these glasses, so I guess I will have to buy a pair for myself. I highly recommend these spy glasses to anyone who wants to take their photography to another level," wrote one 5 star Amazon reviewer.

Recently, Amazon 5 star customer feedback posts were shared by Crushers, Inc, makers of the hidden camera product line SpyCrushers. According to the company's Co-Founder, Ryan Anderson, purchasers of the Spycrushers Spy Camera Sunglasses have posted only 5 star reviews on Amazon.

Another 5 star Amazon review titled Great Camera read, "I work as a retail evaluator so I frequently record videos and take photos for my assignments. These spy glasses allow me to take as many photos as I need, provide a clear picture and is easy to upload on the computer. I also like the quality of the video. The time stamp allows me to keep track of my videos. This is an excellent camera, video recorder and glasses product. Especially for the price that I paid. I recommend it if you need a hidden camera, no one will ever suspect these glasses."

The SpyCrushers Spy Camera Sunglasses are currently for sale on Amazon and the company owned SpyCrushers websites.

About SpyCrushers:

SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods, electronics and dietary supplements.


Media Contacts:
Ericka Evans


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