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    Flying with pets made easy and simple: AnInitiative by Emotional Support Pet

    Emotional Support Pet is a wholly owned subsidiary of ESA LLC (a Colorado Corporation) whose main aim is go for cage free flying of pets by issuing a prescription letter for people with special emotional attachments/disabilities.It has been serving people since 2012.

    Denver, CO, April 4th, 2017 -- There is good news for people who are diagnosed with identifiable emotional disability with their pets while flying.Emotional Support Pet works to make sure you fly along with your pet for no extra money charged by airlines. These pets will be certified as Emotional Support Animals and are also permitted in Non-pet rental Housing.

    Emotional Support Pet and its partner Keystone Psychological Services LLC in Denver and Colorado, work very hard to provide Psychological Evaluations and other online counseling to the clients.The Medical professionals are completely Licensed which include Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Family therapist, Professional Counselors. An online exam is conducted for around 30-40 minutes. The process takes 2-3 days to complete. The prescription letter will be emailed and will be valid for one year.

    The total cost of the procedure is $99.95 (paid by PayPal) which includes your online exam, counseling and prescription Letter. The renewal can be done at $69.95. The applicant need not to pay any extra charge to airlines, only the thing required is the valid Prescription letter stating that the pet isn’t a danger to the passenger and is well behaved. The pet need not wear any uniform or any identification marking it as Emotional Support Animal, only prescription letter will suffice. People with ESA are given priority and are given seat in the front of airplane where they have good leg space. But if airport authorities feel that the pet is noisy, vicious or any indications that it may harm the passengers, they have full authority to deny the service.

    The passenger hasto give a prior notice of 48 hours regarding travelling with emotional support animal to the respective airline. The passenger needs to specify Flight number, pet’s breed and weight on the prescription and the email/fax to the desired airline. It would be better for airlines as well as the passenger if they arrive at airport early so as to make boarding process easy. Emotional Support Pet offers full refund if they are unable to write the prescription.

    For more information visit http://www.emotionalsupportpet.com/.

    For Media Contacts:
    Company Name:
    600 17th Street, Suite 2800 South
    Denver, CO 80202
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