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    Red Jacaranda Leaves by Curtis Sagwete

    Dec 29th, 2016 -- Preorder Kindle, On Sale Jan 15 wherever EBooks are sold and in Trade Paperback.

    In a world of magic and mysticism, peace and prosperity reins in the Akuwa and Piripiri kingdoms, however, something brews in the midst, and the wily witch doctor, the Sangoma, sees it in his visions, and will do anything to quell the threat. Even reintroducing the ancient art of purification. Princess Nia of the Piripiri tribe faces this bloody destiny, but her mother, Queen Zandile has other ideas. In the Akuwa Kingdom, bastard born Xolani befriends a water dragon, the Nyaminyami, and attempts to protect his tribesmen, and in due course, the kingdoms, from natures recoil at the rites of passage.

    Born in Zimbabwe and raised internationally, the Stockholmbased writer suffered a series of artistic setbacks such as a failed school play directorial d├ębut, trying his hand at comic books, and writing short stories that mostly ended up in the dust bin. It all came together when he finally achieved a hundred or so pages, and from then, never looked back. Now he brings you ‘Red Jacaranda Leaves’, the first book in the series, ‘The Rites of Passage’.

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