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    Vagrant By Gabe Thompson

    USA, Dec 15th, 2016 -- Preorder Kindle, On Sale Dec 18 wherever EBooks are sold and in Trade Paperback.

    Logan Hall is a Vagrant, one of the disenfranchised living beneath the mega city of New Washington. The Vagrants have to hide from the Company who is rounding all of them up and shipping them to newly discovered planets to work in the mines. That’s what happened to Logan’s father.

    Shayna is one of the privileged. She has a chip, a credit disc, and lives in a shiny stainless steel and glass high-rise aboveground. Shayna is allergic to corn so she is one of the few above ground people who is not stoned on Sopore. Sopore is a drug found in genetically altered corn. It’s in almost all food. The Vagrants know about Sopore and avoid it.

    These two teens from wildly differing environments meet by accident and fall in love. Logan will stop at nothing to rescue his friend Raj, captured and sent to the moon. Together, he and Shayna will follow his dream of finding his father who was sent to work in the mines of Gliess 67.

    Gabe lives in Florida, but he’s traveled the world. He draws upon his experiences in life as fodder and inspiration for writing. He retired from the military because of medical reasons, but regularly flies around the world on military Space A, AMC and MAC flights. The military has bases in some of the best places. He plans on venturing to most of them before he dies.

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