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    Ingenium ‘Music Genius Search’ Showcase Is Fast Approaching

    London, UK, Oct 27th, 2016 -- Ingenium, also known as HaringeyStars “Music Genius Search’ Showcase is fast approaching and according to John Zavuga, the Executive Director, ‘This year’s event will be awesome.”Hesays, “The young people have been working hard to put up an exciting performance.” The December 2016 Ingenium Showcase is a culmination of ten weeks of hard work, put in by all the young people involved in the event. During that time, the work included hours of music rehearsals, as the young people created the songs and acts that will be showcased during the event. This incredible event will take place on December 10, 7.30pm at the Auditorium, Park View, West Green Road, Tottenham, London.

    According to the company, the upcoming Haringey Stars music genius search isbeing funded by the Gibson Charitable Trust and Waitrose, Holloway, London. In preparation for the showcase the youngsters have been participating in a 3-hour Saturday morning workshops for more than two months. The December showcase promises to be very exciting and eventful.

    Demitra, the project coordinator says that the talented young people have been rehearsing faithfully and working hard, to bring about a spectacular showcase. He also stated that “The project is a refreshing course to work and it is lovely to work with such passionate people.” Siobhan Martin, who isfrom East London is one of the talented young people that is involved inthe workshops. Siobhan says “It has been a valuable experience and it has improved my music abilities.” Another young participant had this to say “It is my second time on the project and I am happy to be working with a group who have a different dynamic.”-AdamRachid.

    Jeremy Wilson the music tutor had this to say “Ingenium is a great opportunity for young people to learn the fundamentals in order to create music.” He went on to say that “The youngsters are free to express themselves musically in any way and the public can look forward to several diverse styles of music from some choice R&B, rap and afrobeatto spoken word.”He also encouraged members of the public come along and enjoy the showcase and show their support for young people.

    For more information on Ingenium’s music genius search, please visit http://ingenium.org.uk/ you can also follow @haringeystars on Twitter and Facebook.

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