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    Marcus (General Mark) Noah Rapper/Singer/Songwriter

    Marcus Noah, Born in Baton Rouge, LA. Also known as: (General Mark) Marcus, having the beat of music in him as a child. Would keep him in trouble at school for displaying his musical abilities by beating on the desks, and free styling lyrics in class.

    Marcus has always dreamed of being an entertainer, Especially being raised in the state of Louisiana , Known for its celebrations of music and fun. “Music is apart of his genetic makeup.” His goal was to have an impact on changing the game of music, in the form of; bringing the reality of street music into the future. Which earned him the name: (General Mark) for his leadership abilities.

    Taking his leadership abilities a step further; Marcus, formed, his companies (My Own Money Systems and Salute Nation.) My Own Money Systems LLC. “The Label” Also, Passionately known as (MOMS) And (Salute Nation.) Being the movement.. “Representing his beliefs not only in his companies, but also himself. And giving back to all up and coming artists that were looking for a break.

    Displaying exactly what (Salute Nation.) Mantra, Stand for: A movement of powerful, positive thinking people, Whose responsibilities are dedicated to providing for their families. (#Salute; For Their Strengths and Dedications!)

    Marcus was also apart of a Rap group called: “The Ville Boyz” Along with three other members. Their camaraderie allowed them to sell 20,000 units of their CD, out the trunk of the car. In the states of Louisiana and Mississippi.

    It’s safe to say: with Marcus, being a graduate, from Southern University with a degree in Business Management, played a huge role with the distribution. Marcus musical journey has expanded over 12 years. However, that’s just the beginning for this inspiring young artist. He says his goal is; “To Broaden His Horizons in The Music Game.”

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