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    Cash and Stash Are in Business has arrived!

    If you are looking for a fun and educational book about kids in business, look no further because Cash and Stash Are in Business!

    Cash and Stash Are in Business is a fun and educational book about two brothers who start a "Shell Wash" business washing turtle shells. The two brothers go through all the steps of opening a business from advertising to word of mouth, and eventually they get sales! Throughout their hard work with the Shell Wash business, the two boys never gave up, asked questions, weren’t afraid toask for help and ultimately, achieved success!

    As parents and guardians, we all want our children to lead successful lives and become imaginative, confident, and valiant adults. We want to give our children the opportunity to pursue their dreams, take chances and understand that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. Cash and Stash Are in Business gives our youth the opportunity to learn that anything is possible, with just a little hard work, and commitment.

    We all want our children to be confident, but yet understand selflessness. These lessons can be learned during their earliest entrepreneurial pursuits as children now are coming up with business ideas at a younger age.

    Cash and Stash Are in Business is the perfect way to introduce your children, or grandchildren, to what it is like to operate their own business. Having a job is an important part of growing up, unfortunately, in today’s busy and hectic life, many of the traditional opportunities such as lemonade stands, newspaper delivery, and yard work aren’t available.

    Written by K.P. Battle, Cash and Stash Are in Business was inspired after founding a business with a seven-year-old child. She hopes through this book that more children around the world would have the chance to experience how much fun owning, and operating their own business can be and be encouraged to do so!

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