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    Revolutionizing How Nonprofits Collect, Manage, and Report Performance Data!

    New York, New York, April 28rd, 2016 --Reporting performance data has become a critical component to securing and sustaining federal, state and foundation funding that urban-based nonprofits are scrambling to find an easy, and financially prudent solution to help them meet these challenges.

    RADICS Network is a comprehensive, powerful, easy-to- use, highly secure, cloud-based performance data collection and management tool, designed to consolidate and streamline the collection, management, and reporting of performance data for nonprofit organizations.

    Subscriber-based, the architecture of RADICS Network was developed by industry experts, and does not require the user to learn any new technology. Standard with RADICS are over 100 one-click reports to quickly display a host of program metrics at a glance. Other features include multi-program management, comprehensive case management, referral exchange and client access monitoring; mentor matching, training scheduling and management; mental health and vocational assessments; HIV testing and confirmatory protocols; and a comprehensive employer and job placement management module, which eases the data management for organizations engaged in re-entry vocational training, career development, and job placement services. With this module, users can seamlessly track employers, available positions, successful job placements, earnings, job performance, and much more!

    RADICS Enterprise is the companion data analytic tool, which helps CEO’s and other professionals, analyze their RADICS Network performance data in real-time. As the data changes in RADICS Network, so do the charts and tables dynamically change in RADICS Enterprise dashboards. Customized to your organization, dashboards can be developed to display only those metrics critical to your program and organization. Each dashboard can comfortably display eight (8) metrics at one time.

    For more information about RADICS Network, or for a 15-day trial, visit our website at https://radicsnetwork.net.To learn more about RADICS Enterprise, and to experience it for yourself, visit https://radicsnetwork.net/RADICS_Enterprise.html

    Email: test@radicsenterprise.net and Password: test123

    EYES INC, the developer of RADICS Network, is a New Jersey-based nonprofit organization, with a national reach. We have been working with underserved communities since 2001; and work with our nonprofit clients to set higher standards for excellence in delivering services and programs within our target communities. We strive to increase the capacity of nonprofits across the nation to perform at the level needed within their respective communities through several avenues: capacity building consulting and training; funding development (proposal writing); as well as program development.

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