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    Otto Productions - Pittsburgh Event Lighting has been used as a respected source for an article

    United States, April 2nd, 2016 --Otto Productions / Pittsburgh Event Lighting has been used as a respected source for an article about new trends in wedding lighting in the Tribune Review’s "My Wedding Planner, Spring 2016" edition.


    Otto Productions, with its related division Pittsburgh Event Lighting, is a leader in the Pittsburgh event industry.

    The article focuses on traditional and new trends in event lighting for weddings. Good lighting can transform a venue, and for years, couples have taken advantage of uplighting and other special touches of illumination to make their wedding receptions glow. One thing Gloor advises with uplighting is to use two complementary colors rather than one. That helps prevents the bride from looking like a Smurfette when for instance, she is photographed in her beautiful white dress surrounded by nothing but blue uplighting. Having a two-tone backdrop also helps photograph depth.

    Couples now often want the advantage of being able to change the colors throughout the course of the evening. This involves coordinating the entertainment with the lighting. Otto Productions is one of the few companies in the Pittsburgh / Southwest PA area with the ability to perform both tasks with excellence.

    One of the newest and biggest trends in lighting is cafe or bistro lighting. Cafe lights are strung (Edison bulbs) across the venue ceiling. They match perfectly with rustic or outdoor tented events. They provide a soft, warm lighting similar to candle lighting. With over 2000 feet of cafe lights, Otto Productions is the area's leading supplier.

    Gloor started entertaining and providing event lighting at local schools in the early 1990’s. When a neighbor and friend lost her DJ the day before her wedding, he was already an established school and prom DJ and was happy to be able to save a friend’s wedding. Hundreds of weddings later, his company is one of the most respected entertainment and lighting companies in the Pittsburgh /Southwestern PA area.

    During his twenty plus years of experience, Frank Gloor has attended numerous workshops and seminars to continuously improve his craft. While speaking with Frank, he stated that a good way to keep energized is seeing new, talented bands and other performers for inspiration and ideas. Standing still as an entertainer or with technology is, in reality, falling slowly behind.

    While interviewing Gloor, he stated, “It is always gratifying to be recognized for commitment to your clients, but the true honor is helping with a client’s plan and to personalize their wedding with unique and creative ideas. It is very satisfying to assist couples in making their wedding dreams come true. It is always an honor to be recognized by the brides and grooms you have helped in the past.” In discussing how Gloor distinguishes himself from other DJs, he provides his original formula:

    Creativity + Planning = FUN

    Creativity: The spark and key to making your wedding unique and personal.
    Planning: The means to have your wishes come true.
    FUN: The single most common adjective to describe what most couples want their wedding reception to be.

    Wedding receptions should be more than just occasions for fancy decorations, beautiful flowers, elegant formal wear, and delicious food. They should be FUN!

    While this is one of the happiest and most joyful times in a couples’ life, it is also one of the most stressful. Gloor explains, “As a couple, you should remember that this is YOUR wedding, not your parents’ or your friends’. There are no do-overs, and this is the only time that this combination of your family and friends will be together to celebrate your marriage. Your wedding is as special and unique as you both are.”

    Information about Frank Gloor, Otto Productions, and Pittsburgh Event Lighting can be found at http://djotto.com or by calling 724.417.4567

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