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    EMF and cell phone radiation protection is urgently needed

    Los Angeles, CA, April 2nd, 2016 -- Protecting oneself from electromagnetic fields (EMF) is both more urgent and more common than ever before.

    Cell phones, tablets, laptops, body-worn electronics and other everyday devices expose the human body to electromagnetic fields at home and at work. Over time, people are exposed to a vast amount of radiation.

    While the full effects of long-term exposure are still being researched, there’s evidence that electromagnetic fields cause headaches, eye strain, fatigue, nausea and overall lack of energy. Cell phones, for example, cause irreversible effects that are similar to micro-wave cooking.

    The way to protect oneself from electro-smog is to use EMF protection and cell phone EMF protection devices.

    “Many people that contact us already have symptoms. Others want to safeguard their health. And some people are just curious. The market is full of different EMF protection products. This is why it’s important to choose the one that really works,” said (person’s name), (title) of Working Vibes Research, a Los Angeles-based company that develops cutting-edge EMF protection products.

    Vortex Bio Shield, a new radiation protector by Working Vibes Research, does EMF protection by filtering and neutralizing these waves that all of us are nowadays exposed to both at home and at work. Working Vibes Research also offers other innovative radiation protectors, such as crystal bracelets and a new cell phone and tablet parking pyramid. The products are available online at www.vortexbioshield.com.


    For further information, please visit www.vortexbioshield.com or contact (person’s name), telephone (267) 867 8396, e-mail vortexbioshield@gmail.com

    About us:

    More and more people are exposed to and suffer from the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

    Working Vibes Research, a Los Angeles-based company dedicated to restoring wellbeing through the development of cutting-edge technologies, has a variety of products designed to shield and protect the body from harmful electromagnetic radiation. The new Vortex Bio Shield is the company’s flagship product.

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    Working Vibes Research
    (267) 867-8396

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