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    Electromagnetic radiation protector Vortex Bio Shield prevents stress and fatigue

    Los Angeles, CA, Mar 2nd, 2016 -- There’s a new way to protect oneself from harmful electromagnetic radiation and its effects while using a cell phone, a tablet or a laptop.

    Vortex Bio Shield, a state-of-the art radiation protector by Working Vibes Research, filters and neutralizes any waves of electromagnetic radiation that everyone is nowadays exposed to both at home and at work.

    The product prevents stress and fatigue caused by cell phones and other wireless devices.

    “Tests show that after using Vortex Bio Shield people feel better, they have more energy and their headaches are gone. The first noticeable difference is that their devices aren’t getting as hot as before,” said (person’s name), (title) of Working Vibes Research.

    Vortex Bio Shield fits any cell phone or other wireless device. The product comes in several colours to choose from. Vortex Bio Shield can be ordered online at www.vortexbioshield.com.

    For further information, please visit www.vortexbioshield.com or contact (person’s name), telephone (267) 867 8396, e-mail vortexbioshield@gmail.com


    About us

    More and more people are exposed to and suffer from the health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

    Working Vibes Research, a Los Angeles-based company dedicated to restoring wellbeing through the development of cutting-edge technologies, has a variety of products designed to shield and protect the body from harmful electromagnetic radiation. The new Vortex Bio Shield is the company’s flagship product.

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    Working Vibes Research
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    (267) 867 8396

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