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    Schedule Your Final Messages for your loved ones with a unique Digital Legacy Service

    Tulsa, OK, Feb 5th, 2016 -- Here’s some interesting news for people looking to compose their final messages to their loved ones. Heavenote now presents people with an opportunity through which they can create and save messages for their loved ones which will be delivered to them once the person passes away.

    Using Heavenote people will be able to schedule their final message, manage their digital legacy, create messages using videos, texts, images, attachments (files for social media account info, financial info or any other important information including safe combinations, bitcoin passwords and much more.)

    Heavenote believes everybody should get a chance to manage their digital legacy and therefore the company has designed a basic plan for all interested users. The basic plan is free of cost and has only a limited number of text messages and videos storage space that can be composed. Another plan, called the Premium account gives users more storage space and long video messages for only $29 per year. There is also another plan titled the Ambassador plan which requires people to refer Heavenote.com to their friends and family and they can then gain access to unlimited text messages, 200MB of file space for images and files and also a 5 minute video plan.

    Death is inevitable and people who want to say something special to their loved ones after their death or pass on some special information can make great use of the Heavenote idea and create their last messages for their special someone to stay with them even after their death.

    Heavenote is a unique idea and with its special service, now people will be able to say what they couldn’t tell their loved ones during their lifetime.

    About Heavenote:
    Launched in 2013, Heavenote allows users to leave behind a digital legacy by sending their chosen recipients posthumous videos, messages, images and files after their death is confirmed. This unique approach to end-of-life planning helps users leave behind important information for financial accounts and social media, as well as leaving memorable videos to give messages of love to family and friends. Heavenote offers free plans, a premium plan and an ambassador program for users. For more information, go to heavenote.com.

    For Media Contacts:
    Owner Name:
    Amanda Diedrich
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    Phone Number:
    (918) 409-0692

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