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    Ten Grand for American Bully Puppies

    10Kbully.com is a website that serves the American bully breeder. It helps the average American bully breeder to build a better brand. Take pride in this breed as this is indeed a business. Here at 10kbully, its reviled how to market a kennel to the masses, thus building a strong list, never settling on who gets to have these dogs, nor compromising on the price of these dogs. 10Kbully gives options and tools to guide any bully business to higher levels. Darren Fisher here. American Bully lover/owner and Marketing Specialist. Feel free to visit the site. Tons of free marketing materials are provided to help any kennel owner better market to potential clients and prospects, thus continually growth and profits in the American bully kennel.

    USA, Jan 15, 2016 -- Harold owns an American Bully business and it’s off to a good start. He has some exotic bully bloodlines that local breeders cant get enough of. People see his dogs out in public and well shown temperaments has instantly deemed it a compatible companion dog. Some people beg to differ and say….. What? This dog is over 65 pounds! There is no way this American bully breed is a companion dog? It’s a freakin pitbull!

    Obviously, ignorant people that express opinions like that clearly don’t know the demand the American bully breed has created. It’s sort of like a vacuum. Which leads me to my topic. Price. Have you checked the price on these dogs lately? Anyone active on today’s social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter, will soon find out that the American bully breed is highly in demand. If someone says its not, either their business strategy is not in order, or they simply have a bloodline no sane person wants. Or as some breeders say, they have trash on the yard.

    Ten grand. Yep, it blew my mind the very first time it came across a myspace news feed years ago. Local very well know breeder receives a check for $10,000 for a 3 month old XXL American bully. The stud fees for his males where just as high. Most people in the bully niche can’t seem to come to terms with what is happening. Who writes checks like that for a dog that was first seen online? It was a young business owner looking for a companion dog for his family of 4. Yes, American Bullies are companion dogs. Regardless on how amazing this dog breed is, not just any old fashioned American bully breeder can request such fees for their puppies or stud services. Branding yourself the right way will take you there.

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    1. soon find out that the American bully breed is highly in demand. If someone says its not, american bully pocket


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