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    The American Dream is Alive and Well for Immigrants in Hollywood-Chilean Actress Lisette Lastra Finishes American Film Celine

    As the U.S. continues to be torn about its immigration policies on one hand, the American Dream of working in Hollywood lives on as the ultimate stop for actors around the globe. Chilean actress Lisette Lastra, now living in Los Angeles, has just completed shooting her first film Celine.

    Los Angeles, CA, Dec 9th, 2015 -- Chilean actress Lisette Lastra dreamed of being a professional film actor since she was a small child and is now fulfilling that dream as an up-and-comer in Hollywood. She has just finished shooting her first film in Los Angeles titled Celine. This film is about a man who kills his girlfriend, but in his mind believes she's still alive. Lisette plays the girlfriend. The film, currently in post-production, is scheduled to be completed in January of 2016.

    When asked about her favorite or most interesting aspect of the film, she softly shares, "There’s a key scene in it where I have to be dancing as if someone took over my soul. It’s very abstract, and Jerry [Director Jerry Hoffman] let me play a lot with it. He gave me freedom to do what I wanted. The location was great, too. We shot at a private beach in Orange County."  Of course, hanging out on a private beach in sunny California is another popular dream which Lisette is getting to live out.

    Prior to moving to Los Angeles, Lisette spent a year studying and working in New York City. She then packed her bags and headed to Los Angeles to set out in earnest to become a Hollywood actor, starting by fulfilling another of her lifelong ambitions -- to study at the internationally-renowned school The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in West Hollywood.  Joining the ranks of many other top industry talents, Lisette completed the signature two-year training program at Strasberg which focuses on a method acting technique that has guided countless famed actors over the years.

    In Lisette's home country of Chile, she appeared in several Chilean films which received positive reviews and for which her work was always praised. Her sculptured porcelain facial features betray the type of role she is most often cast in – the girlfriend.

    The film In the Comfort in the Distance features Lisette as a girlfriend of the movie’s lead character – really, an ex-girlfriend in this case. And in The Magnetic Tree, Lisette also plays a girlfriend. Not to mention again, the 2016 film Celine, as the dancing girlfriend.

    Personally, Lisette Lastra is a down-to-earth, loving, kind, quiet person with a deep and rich inner life that comes through in her work. For more information about Lisette Lastra, contact Smart Girls PR at 818/907-6511.

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