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    Can 47 Year Old Grandmother Do It Again?

    Pittsburgh, PA, Oct 20, 2015 -- In a world dominated by the younger generation of athletes, models, MMA fighters, Olympians and the Zuckerberg’s of the fortune 500 companies Rebecca Eger is out to prove age really is just a number.

    “A normal day for me can be a little hectic. I work full time as a surgical consultant. I spend 6 days in the gym and on my off time I’m with my kids and grandchild, working at home taking care of my house and my dog. I am also an online health coach on the side, which I began this past year after acquiring my certifications. Working on my website, diet/training plans, photo shoots and keeping up with all of my social networking keeps me very busy. Earlier this year I worked with a local TV show called "Phitness" on FOX 53 as a segment host/fitness expert. So needless to say I am always on the go.”

    Rebecca is a single mother and an IFBB Pro Figure competitor. “In your 40s your body changes, you've got hormone fluctuations that start taking control of everything and it just gets harder.”

    After having bikini model success in her 20s Rebecca started to follow her main passion in her 30s. She started building muscle in order to become a professional bodybuilder as a Figure competitor. All of the hard work paid off in 2013 when she obtained her pro card. “My favorite memory was of course the day I went pro. All of my work & dedication to fitness finally paid off that day.”

    Now Rebecca has decided to tackle another endeavor. She is in the middle of the 2015 Miss Jetset Cover Model contest. With only a few days left to win the Pennsylvania round to move on Rebecca currently sits in 4th place. “I’m proud that I made it this far. All of the girls are so beautiful”. And most of them are half her age. “But you know what?” Says Rebecca with a determined look. “I want to win this contest not only for myself but also for the other people in their 40s and beyond. Age is just a number. It truly is.”

    Winning does not come without help. Rebecca needs your help now.

    You can vote once per day with your Facebook account for Rebecca by going to the link below. Purchasing votes in bulk is also an option. Please share after voting as well.


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