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    Citratone Review - Learn Why It Works?

    According to scientific studies, Phytoceramides are proven effective to help women maintain their optimum skin health.

    Huntsville, AL, Sep 26th, 2015 -- “As [women] age, [their] skin progressively loses natural lipids called ceramides. The result is visible aging that includes wrinkles, age spots, and rough, uneven skin,” says the recent article of Pro Health posted at their official website 26 May 2015.

    Citratone spokesperson, Ms. Adel Villanueva, responds that, “The statement given by Pro Health is true and genuine. Actually, this is the main reason why there are already a lot of Citratone Moisturizer Review posts in the Internet today. Women really like how our advanced Phytocermaides formula works.”

    What are the functions of Phytoceramides for the human skin? Ms. Villanueva has this explanation. “With our formula, anybody can have the greater chance of reducing wrinkles and fine lines, increasing skin elasticity and firmness, and improving collagen production,” she says.

    Further, Pro Health, through its article also explains that the boosting these lipids is significant for people “to hydrate, smooth, and rejuvenate aging and wrinkled skin.”

    The Citratone Moisturizer Spokesperson, meanwhile, explains that their formulated ceramides’ boosters are plants-based. They are extracted from the organic plants and herbs on this planet. Hence, they are harmless and they can deliver only the safe results.

    Ms. Adel Villanueva concludes that their Phyto-Ceramides formula contains these ingredients.
    • Ceramide Complex
    • Rosemary Extract
    • Phytosphingosine
    • Retinol Palmitate
    • Balm Mint Extract
    • Palmitoyl oligopeptide
    There is a trial program running until today for Citratone Ageless Vitamin C Moisturizer. This program intends to help people first, before they are encouraged to pay for the regular purchase.

    Is the product effective? Mellisa Grey has this Citratone Moisturizer Review posted in the Internet: “My sister recommended [this formula] for helping me the signs of aging that had begun to creep around my eyes. In just a few weeks of usage I noticed a visible reduction in dark circles and puffiness.”


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