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    Domain Name Seller 123Hola.com Announces Launch of Innovative Video Marketing Strategy to Help Move Domains Quickly

    Most domain name sellers use a cookie cutter approach to market their domains that varies only slightly from their competition, and often produces less than spectacular results. 123Hola.com is a domain name seller who prides themselves on taking a unique and innovative approach, not only engaging in traditional marketing, but also video marketing on every domain name they list.

    Washington, DC, July 17, 2015 -- When it comes time to sell a domain name in a market that can be somewhat full, finding a way to stand out from the crowd is a very good idea. A stark different than boring and tame domain sellers is the innovators of 123Hola.com. Not content in resting with traditional domain marketing methods, the company recently announced they are uploading a creative and unique video promoting every domain they list for sale or lease. Customers have responded with enthusiasm.

    “We don't just list and forget it, we proactively market domain names,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “By doing different things on top of 'old school' domain marketing we greatly increase the chances of quick, positive outcomes. It's a win all around, for our clients, ourselves and the end user buying the domain.”

    According to the company, they are happy to only charge a fee of $39.99 to list a domain for sale per year, which includes the cost of making the marketing video.

    Feedback for 123Hola.com has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Jason C., from California, recently said, “I've had a great deal of success using 123Hola.com much more so than other domain sellers which were basically all misses. I'm sure it's because the 123Hola.com team are motivated in their marketing and not just going through the motions. The videos are brilliant. Five star company and fully recommended.”

    For more information be sure to visit www.123hola.com.


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