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    July 14, 2015 -- Local cricket has seen a tremendous amount of interest in the US and European countries lately. For many cricket enthusiasts living in the US, cricket is not just a weekend sport they participate in. It is a way of re-living their childhood, making new friends, extending community outreach and in many cases raising money for a good cause.

    While taking part in a cricket league is relatively easy, organizing a local cricket tournament, however, is no trivial activity.

    "The biggest challenge I faced in organizing cricket tournament was keeping up with so many little tasks like pushing out communication and updates, keeping track of scores, calculating points table, and dealing with captains and players who always manage to find faults with calculations" says Siva T, who organizes Kansas City Cricket Premier League in Kansas City, MO. "It used to take so much of my time!", he exhales. "In addition, I also used to spend a lot of time generating interest among the players and teams and keeping them engaged with the league. Thankfully, I switched to CricClubs league management solution and all those problems magically disappeared!” he adds.

    CricClubs is a free and fully cloud-based cricket league management platform to organize cricket tournaments with ease. Many cricket leagues in US and around the world have already started using CricClubs and not only pumped new energy and buzz into their local cricket but also raised a lot of sponsorship support from area businesses. Their web portal is rich looking and equals international cricket standards. Over 30,000+ players, 1600+ teams and 400+ tournaments use CricClubs for organizing local cricket.

    It’s just incredible!", says Srimanth B, organizer of Nashville Premier League in Nashville, TN. “It took me literally 5 minutes to create a new tournament in CricClubs end-to-end, starting with creating a series, setting up teams and players and push out communication to everyone. CricClubs offers so many statistics and the best part is, all of them are automatically generated with their Live Scoring app, I don’t have to deal with players arguing about correctness of statistics anymore! By using CricClubs, I was able to save over 85% of time in the day to day activities”.

    Vikas K, who organizes Cricket US in Phoenix, AZ, says“CricClubs generated so much interest in my tournament. In just couple of months, the size of my league doubled. Their Live scoring app oniPhone or Android or Windows Phone is the best of breed I have seen. Players and their friends were so excited to be able to follow the matches real-time via the CricClubs web portal and mobile app. I simply cannot believe we can follow local cricket real-time on their mobile devices just like we follow an international cricket match”.

    Checkout CricClubs at CricClubs.com and see how Cricket US in Phoenix, Arizona, Nashville Premier League in Nashville, TN and Kansas City Cricket Premier League in Kansas City, MO have taken advantage of CricClubs platform to boost local cricket.

    Read more at: http://cricclubs.com/utilsv2/ga_article.html


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