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    Indie Authors Get On the Audiobook Bandwagon

    Las Vegas, NV, May 27, 2015 -- Producing audiobooks was formerly an enterprise only big publishing companies could afford, but now independent publishers are staking their claim. Spurred by the relatively inexpensive cost of creating audiobooks, these small niche publishers are turning out fiction and non-fiction alike, meeting the demands of an continuously mobile public that listens to audiobooks while driving, exercising and taking public transportation.

    The popularity of audiobooks has not gone without notice. Recent articles in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal reported the meteoric rise of the now billion dollar industry. Many independent publishers want in on the action.

    “I walk outside five days a week,” self-published author Kelvin L. Reed said. “At first I listened to music, then I switched to listening to books. Eventually I thought one day my books could be available not only in print and ebook form, but also as an audiobook.”

    Reed’s wish was realized when he stumbled upon Audiobook Creation Exchange, or ACX, a company that connects writers with narrators. ACX produces audiobooks for Audible.com, which is owned by Amazon.com. Through that connection Reed collaborated with veteran voiceover actress Quiana Goodrum. The writer and narrator, who live in different states and never met face to face, agreed on a contract that resulted in Reed’s fifth novel, Once a Month, being released as an audiobook on June 11, five month after its January paperback and ebook debut. Once a Month tells the story of Rose and Tony Monroe, a financially strapped married couple who enter into an arrangement with Cam, the wife’s attractive, wealthy—but very lonely—best friend, that involves Tony sleeping with Cam once a month for pay.

    Asked about turning his work into an audiobook for the first time, Reed described the experience in glowing terms. “Listening to the story being narrated by such a talented professional gave me goose bumps.” he said.

    Goodrum, who has narrated numerous other works including Tease and Bet on Love, was equally complimentary about working with Reed. “As soon as you open the book, as soon as you read the very first chapter, he hits you with something you did not expect,” she declared.

    For more information about Once a Month, go to www.kelvinlreed.com, Amazon.com or Audible.com.


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