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    SpyCrushers Car Keychain Spy Camera Receives 5 Star Amazon Reviews

    SpyCrushers showcases 5 star customer reviews from Amazon.

    United States, May 3, 2015 -- A recently held press conference at Crushers, Inc. headquarters, Co-Founder Ryan Anderson released a customer satisfaction report for their SpyCrushers car Keychain Camera.

    Aside from the many topics the report covered, Ryan drew specific attention to the many 5 star reviews earned by their Car Keychain Spy Camera from customers who purchased the hidden camera device on Amazon.

    One five star reviewer wrote, "I admit to having been a little skeptical about this, but for the price, I figured it was worth a try. I have to say I'm impressed. This is a well-designed and well-built little device. It is easy to set up and use. Clear instructions are provided. It's easy to set a time stamp, if you want that functionality which I do, and it's easy to download files to your computer you don't need to remove the micro SD card. And the customer support is A-1. I'll get to that in a bit. I'm still putting it through its paces, but it seems to automatically break long video recordings into 10 minute segments, which could be useful. How much you can store will depend on the size of your memory card, mine came with a 4GB card, but the practical limitation is really the battery. I think you'd run out of juice before you filled an 8GB card. But in the tests I've done, that still amounts to over an hour of video recording. Or a whole lot of still shots.

    Of course, the battery life will decrease over time, so it remains to be seen how long it holds up. I do recommend that you follow their instructions and fully discharge the battery before recharging it the first five times. The way I'm doing that is by just setting it to record and leaving it. After forty minutes of recording 4 segments it seems to automatically shut down to save battery, I'm guessing, in case you started it by accident so just set it going again. When it has run down plug it into your computer, check out your files, make sure the date stamp is working right and leave it to fully recharge.

    Couple of other things. It doesn't have Spycrushers written on it, which is good, more discrete. It does have a little yellow light, the flashing of which tells you what is going on. It stays on when the unit is on standby, turned on but not recording. But it turns off when it's recording video, which allows you to set it down and leave it recording with no one being the wiser.

    My first one was acting up, so I contacted the company. Their response was swift, professional, and courteous, and within a few days I had a replacement. They also followed up later to make sure I was happy. That kind of support is rare, and worth noting in itself. Even if the battery has kept in 6 months, though truthfully, I expect it to last longer than that. At this price I wouldn't hesitate to buy another."

    Another top 5 star review read, "Finally a keychain spy camera with clear easy to understand instructions written in actual english and the packaging is outstanding. These cameras are perfect for attaching with tape to model rockets."

    The SpyCrushers Car Keychain Spy Camera is currently available for purchase on SpyCrushers and Amazon websites.

    About SpyCrushers:

    SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc. is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods, electronics and dietary supplements.


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