Monday, May 18, 2015

Sandra Recognizes Kurdish Never Involved Physical Violence and Reach Amicable Agreement with Engineer Frank Jorge Elias.

May 18, 2015, -- Ing. Frank Jorge Eliasarrived at anamicablesettlementwithhis ex-wife Sandra Kurdas, aftershe and DistrictProsecutor, withdrewthecharge of physicalviolence, sincetheycouldnotprove in anyinstance, the original accusations, whichmaliciouslywerepublishedbysomecompetitors media, forthesolepurpose of damagingthereputation of theChairman of SupercanalGroup; PioneeronbroadcastinginternationalDominicanTelevision Content, as well as thegoodname of a modelcitizen, considerbywellrecognise USA Cable operators as a Legend in theIndustry.

On 31 MarchthisyearthePublicMinistry, as well as Mrs. Sandra Kurdas withdrewtheaccusationbeforethe 5th InstructionCourtwhichwasestablishedveryclearlythatnever, Eng. Jorge Eliasattackedhiswife. As proofthat Frank Jorge Eliaswasdischargedfromtheaccusationsimputedtohim, find attachallthedecisions (which are publicdocuments), especiallythe 3rd Chamber of the Criminal Chamber of theNationalDistrict, where a jurycomposedmostly of women , Mrs. Kurdas statethatthethephotoshowed a woundonherforehead, wastheresult of anaccident; Similarlyafterexaminingtheevidenceprovidedby Mrs. Sandra Kurdas, 6th RoomFamilyCourt rule thattherewasnotanykind of genderviolenceEngineer Frank Jorge againsthis ex-wife, whichwasalsoratifiedbytheappellatecourt, whopronouncedonequalterms.

Itis more thanclearthattheengineer Jorge Eliasistotallyinnocent ofsuchaccusations. As previously,twodifferentcourts, includingtheCourt of Appeal dismissedthephysical and psychologicaloranygenderviolencebyMr Jorge.

2- Resolution No. 00270-TS-2013 4 / June 2013, ThirdChamber of thecourt of appeal, in which he waschangedthemeasure, Mrs. acknowledgedthattherewas no coup, whichwas accidental, thereforephysicalviolencewasdiscarded.

3- Severaldecisionswheretheyrejectoppositions, appeals and incidentsmatchings.

4- P089-2015 Resolution of March 31, 2015, issuspendingtheprocess, receiving a trial in whichtheprosecutionwithdrewsupportphysicalviolence and marital problems, withoutwithittheengineeradmittedcommittingviolenceagainstwomen.

TheBusinessman of Media, startlawsuitsagainstpeoplethatthrough social networkshavedefamedhim, accusinghim of offenses he nevercommitted and invites thosethattendtodiscreditcheerfullypeople, refrainfromengaging in thepractice of untruthfulstatements; toavoidfacing criminal chargesforthecrime of defamation.


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