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    TEEBIK Presents FallenSouls-An amazing MMORPG Available Now on Android and Coming Soon on App Store

    Shanghai, April 17, 2015, -- FallenSouls is an amazing MMORPG and this week it will be available on the American Google Play and app store.

    Come into a powerful kingdom with 3 races reigning and fighting with strength against powerful darkness evils. Join and pick your hero to fight and reign with your own kingdom.

    Enjoy a numerous style of gameplays with this exciting MMORPG.

    What kind of hero will you be?

    Choose from Noble Humans to the Bloodthirsty Orcs and the Mighty Undead.

    Become a resolute warrior, a swift ranger or a mystical mage.

    Make your hero number 1 by conquering the PVP Arena.

    Team up and take on epic dungeons together.

    Join thousands of players to try and slay the mighty world boss.

    Unite with other players in a great massively multiplayer RPG game by creating your own Guild and competiting between guilds.

    What will be your Gameplay?

    Use legendary weapons ans armor to further strengthen your hero.

    Recruit all kinds of powerful mercenaries to help you on your journey.

    Take down a variety of lethal monsters in the campaign.

    Restore and upgrade your very own castle.

    Use fast paced turn based combat to defeat foes.

    Hunt for Legendary items to vastly increase your Battle Rating.

    Explore diverse world maps to find secret and legendary loots.

    Download now our APP: http://m.onelink.me/853e1d46
    Keep updated on Facebook and our forum: http://bbs.teebik.com
    for events, news and awesome rewards every weeks.
    For more detail, please visit: www.teebik.com

    Fallen Souls Event

    Claim our special package by conctacting us with the subject BonusPackage at:

    bf.cs@teebik-inc.com with your character name and server.

    Package: 100 diamonds, 50 000 gold, Level 3 Gems Package.


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