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    Spy Camera Glasses Lets Creating Secret Photos Or Videos Easy

    SpyCrushers rep provides insight on their latest Spy Camera Sunglasses product

    April 24, 2015, -- Using hidden spy cam novelty products has matured from a fringe acquisition to just about a necessity without giving up the basic sense of fun in owning one, as stated by SpyCrushers, who have brought to market their own brand name of hidden camera products. The use of spy camera glasses can be the huge difference between catching a particularly shifty image while busy and having the chance to document a pivotal happening without a problem. The company's last product offer, the SpyCrushers Spy Camera Sunglasses embodies a breakthrough in presenting top notch high quality for under $30 as priced on Amazon online, breaking the $100 price barrier often connected with products of this variety.

    Many also see eyeglass cameras an aspect of a hot trend concerning wearable technology, especially with the debut of Google Glass and other wearable technologies like smart watches and things of that nature.

    As explained by company Co-Founder, Ryan Anderson their Spy Camera Sunglasses are unlike early generations of spyware cams, offers 1280 x 960 or above hd quality picture in addition to video capacity in a compact product while still staying cost effective and simple with a one click on/off functionality.

    Anderson went on to say, "It's the real deal spy gadget that everyone's been looking for. Our spy glasses Amazon listing introduces our latest innovative product to the mass public as both a functioning pair of sunglasses as well as a discrete picture taking and digital video recording product. The product is promoted as being user friendly with a little to know learning curve for anyone of any generation or technical competence.

    Operators of the device are asked by SpyCrushers to use practicality and to respect the privacy of others when utilizing the any of their hidden camera devices. Lately, voyeurs were caught for placing spyware products in a private bathroom and a women's dressing room area. SpyCrushers does not okay, recommended or encourage illegal or misuse of any of the products. Recommended use of spyware device entails wearing the product as common sunglasses to discreetly record videos or take pictures of events in the general public sphere.

    Every SpyCrushers product features a thirty day cash back assurance if consumers are not completely happy. The SpyCrushers Spy Camera Sunglasses may be purchased on Amazon online marketplace and SpyCrushers websites.

    About SpyCrushers:
    SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods, electronics and dietary supplements.


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