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    New promising natural remedies for sexual tonic efficacy and safety-clinically approved

    April 12, 2015, -- An Israeli company, G Stim , presents new Lipido last capsules and orgasmic cream based on natural ingredients that increases sexual potency and improves sexual functioning in both male and female.

    G Stim capsules and cream were developed in order to contribute and offer optimal solution for sexual activity . The products were approved by clinical investigation for safety and efficacy.

    The capsules are anti oxidants and safe. They increase erection.

    the Orgasmic cream for women is very safe and very easy to use in addition to its nice smell.

    Both products are fully effective without any side effect.

    The male have to take 1-2 capsules one hour before sex.

    The female needs to rub her thumb slowly and gently in to her love canal.

    G Stim team has fixed research and development and is preparing currently for manufacturing of the products , and need to find financing recourses to be able to produce commercial amount. For this purpose the company has decided to start the crowed funding process.

    Testimonials of females declaring “No more fake orgasm”.

    For more information: www.gstim.com

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