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    Manufacturer Reveals Spy Pen Basics

    SpyCrushers agent breaks down their Spy Camera Pen devices attributes and benefits.

    April 24, 2015, -- At a recent product demonstration, Ryan Anderson, Founding Partner of SpyCrushers proclaimed just how buyers can arouse their inner spy with the SpyCrushers highly sophisticated spy camera pen. A secret agent-esque device, the Spycrushers spy pen appears really feels and performs the same as any ordinary pen but with an included surprise that it secretly video records and replays events in HD quality resolution.

    As reported by Anderson the product is an actual ballpoint pen-- with the ability of producing ink. This makes it very easy to pass off the product during events, removing any suspicion among friends and family. Buyers can even let others use it especially since the pen is designed not to be noticeable. Only those who know where to look will successfully discover that this pen features with its own concealed video camera.

    High Resolution:
    Company resource tout that the spy video camera pen is of the greatest quality, with the help of the advancement in technology today. During the presentation the tool successfully passed a conducted blur test, ensuring that sufficient pictures will still be recorded even when intended objects or the device itself moves at a particular speed.

    The spy hidden pen camera features a refillable sd card permitting buyers to record many hours of video and also capture and move an indefinite number of pictures.

    To obtain the videos, end users merely plug the pen into their computer using the provided Mini USB Cable and start copying or transferring compiled media. The device is PC and Mac compatible for easy plug and play capabilities. The cable connects to the spy pen using the USB port confidentially located inside the pen. This keeps it completely hidden from others, ensuring that the pen still looks real!

    With several computers handy, the device's AVI video file format demonstrated readable for all kinds of computer os. Anderson also highlighted how owners who want to convert video content into other formats can possibly do so once the file is transferred to their computer.

    The completion of the event ended with a statement by Anderson that the SpyCrushers device is the best spy pen camera in today's marketplace. Selling at what the company believes is a competitive price at $24.99-$49.99 was said is the reason sales have been booming among interested customers. Each purchase is also covered by a thirty day manufacturer's warranty if shoppers are not 100 % completely satisfied.

    The SpyCrushers Spy Pen Camera is presently readily available through Amazon and SypCrushers online sites and can be shipped directly to a person's door.

    About SpyCrushers:
    SpyCrushers brand and line of products are owned and operated by Crushers Inc. Crushers, Inc is a manufacturer and retailer of consumer goods, electronics and dietary supplements.


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