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    Emotional Support AnimalForEmotional Support Of The Disabled

    Emotional Support Pet, a well known companyis providing help to individuals with special needs. The company does so by providing and ESA presecription allowing the individuals to travel with their pets they love without incurring any additional cost as well as the need of a cage.

    March 21, 2015 -- Emotional SupportPet, a subsidiary of ESA LLC is now providing assistance to the individuals suffering from anxiety, personality disorders and mood disorders by allowing them to carry their adorable pets in the flight without bearing any additional costs. It also provides housing accommodation to the pets with their owners.The company aids in getting an Emotional Support Animal Prescription that is necessary to bring the pets along.

    When contacted, the representative of the company said, “We believe that pets are real friends. Therevibe can relieve all your worries and tensions that make our life miserable. Pets are so loveable and adorable.” He further added,“We at emotional support pettake efforts to help you to become eligible for emotional support animal and get your pet toaccompany you, while you are travelling and facing an emotional disability.”

    Emotional Support Pet is serving the society by providing necessary emotional support to all its clients who are facing emotional disorders and instability arising due to anxiety, stress, depression, social phobia and panic disorders. The company is working in alliance with Keystone Psychological services. These mental health professionals are responsible to take several battery tests of 40 to 45 minutes duration each.These tests are used to determine or diagnose the mental health of the client. On qualifying the test, a licensed therapist client is offered with a physical prescription that allows the patient to travel or live with their pets without bearing any additional costs. All types of dogs can be boarded on the flight regardless of the size.

    This complete service including the psychological evaluation, e-mail counseling, and emotional support animal prescription letter generally costs around $124.95. In the flight, the animals are can sit on the floor if they are not comfortable on the passengers lap. In addition, the company also provides housing facilities to the pet by presenting the prescription letter to the landlord.

    About Emotional Support Pet

    Emotional Support Pet in partnership with Keystone Psychological services provides evaluations and online counseling to clients in order to examine their emotional status. The company also provides online counseling and prescription after considering the results of the evaluation.


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