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    The recent buzz about Lady Gaga’s and Interscope’s cheating scandal—may seem like bad PR but it is an unfortunate fact.

    Sarah B., an industry insider, who wants to remain unrecognized, claims that she has been a witness how Lady Gaga and the infamous Haus of Gaga had access to several artist profiles they have been hacking into for several years.

    One of them could be the eccentric pop music artist Ysan Roche.

    Ysan Roche writes and produces her own music, designs fashion, directs and writes the concepts of her music videos and even edited all the work herself until today. It is important to her that she has complete ability to make decisions of her end product.

    Roche, who in 2007 gave her profile to a New York music manager, who used to work with iconic David Bowie and was involved with Universal Music, has quite an impressive story to tell.

    “Many people at that time were fascinated about my unusual approach to combine fashion and music and I believed that this specific guy was a friend because he was also amazed about me and asked I got my concept copyrighted,” Ysan Roche explains.

    ”By that time I was completely unaware how ruthless some people in this industry can be.”

    Ysan Roche claims that he wanted to promote her as a superficial over sexualized media figure and that leaded her to break up the contact.

    “That manufactured stuff he had in mind simply wasn’t me. As Ysan Roche I am dark and paradox but my performances have absolutely nothing to do with sex. Sex is just a tool of my artistic expression to make people feel my obsession. I have trouble explaining that to men in this industry.”

    Since then Ysan Roche experiences a similar nightmare like Madonna. By today, 85% or more of her work has been violated and imitated by merely Lady Gaga herself and several people from Interscope who used her content to manufacture artists like Lana del Rey, Natalia Kills and Porcelain Black. They always work with Red One and are signed to Interscope Music.

    When she began to speak up about her experiences with Lady Gaga, she suddenly experienced how some of her Social Media content had changed to her disfavor.

    “Several Spelling and grammar mistakes appeared in my blogs after they had already been checked by my PA’s, later myself and some of my profile pictures had been deleted or replaced with unflattering ones.”

    “I decided to speak up about everything when written concepts from my laptop, business plans, self-designed layouts, and lots of collected imagery suddenly appeared in Lady Gaga’s presentation. It was a lot of content that I never uploaded to Social Media or featured online.”

    There is another girl from Switzerland who has the exactly same problems with several people from the industry but essentially with Haus of Gaga and Lady Gaga herself.

    “That was when I finally realized that I am definitely anything but crazy or paranoid,” Ysan Roche goes on.” I contacted this woman and was astonished how similar our stories were. She confirmed that similar to me, even personal life stories had been imitated, used for press releases to make her biography more interesting or violated by the obviously entirely, unsubstantial reproduction shell Lady Gaga.”

    This woman named Susan E. who is also a self-made artist, musician, director, blogger and film producer has experienced hacking attacks and stalking since 2010, merely by Haus of Gaga and Lady Gaga herself.

    It seems that Lady Gaga attacks those people who are self-made, strong minded and independent because that’s how she wants to be perceived by the public.

    One of Ysan Roche’s business ideas was a network concept Gaga claims to have invented for her little monsters.

    “I am completely aware that people who didn’t experience it themselves would call you insane but as soon as we announce a new project or idea, Lady Gaga tends to come up with a very similar thing just a few weeks later. I would also think, why would someone be so impertinent, neither would I ever have felt that my character could obsess someone to such an extent. But then I realized, I am not the only one. I think Lady Gaga has gone too far by now and the public has to know the naked truth.

    People and artists in general need to begin to speak up about their intellectual property and respect and value their art more because people tend to overlook intellectual property when you are young or in the entertainment business. Many just say you should be flattered by it. But there is really a fine line to it and you would not tell someone who had his car or watch stolen that he should be flattered because it approves his distinguished and refined taste. And a business idea or anything else you created with your mind can make you far more money than a car or watch costs, so you should value and fight and protect them with far more determination.

    I wouldn’t have cared so far, if these people had not come back over and over again and violated my privacy. It deprives me from my ability to create something original and being appreciated and respected for my individuality if people constantly compare me or my work to Lady Gaga. It diminishes my credibility.”

    Another former assistant said of Lady Gaga:

    “She basically sits on her laptop all day like a 16yr old, she runs through all the gossip sites, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. She is obsessed with a few profiles of specific people. It’s Madonna, yes but some people you might have never heard of as well. She uses that Madonna story to hide the fact what is really going on.

    She gathers imagery and ideas all the time and creates false profiles and uses them to bully or embarrass people who stand up against her.”

    It is indeed a common and even known fact that people in the music industry search Inspiration on Social Media accounts of other artists to manufacture their newcomer bands. Many of these manufactured people or bands got a contract because they were already backed by well-off sponsorship or wealthy families. This explains how less talented artists like Kesha or Lady Gaga were able to get a record deal. There was already a lot of money to back Lady Gaga at the beginning of her career and she was extremely desperate to succeed because she obviously wasn’t that musically talented, physically attractive or could compensate with an interesting personality.

    “Lady Gaga is a lie and I would kill to keep it up.” Lady Gaga once said during an interview.

    “Nobody can imagine how far I had to go and what I had to do to become Lady Gaga.” is another one of Lady Gaga’s fame quotes.

    But how far is too far and are you able to take the consequences?


    Beneath Murdoch's public meltdown lies a bigger problem, and it’s not confined to England, where News Corp. stands accused of hacking phones and computers and bribing and misleading investigators. It’s a problem that plagues all consolidated news organizations that reach a certain scale, but especially News Corp. It’s about what happens when media corporations get too cozy with power — and government officials fail to challenge them.

    This relentless pursuit of power has worked in the United States, where neither the Federal Communications Commission nor Congress has mustered the courage to challenge runaway media consolidation or call Murdoch to account.”

    Ysan Roche says that an industry crisis often start as just problems, but then escalate when institutions hold back on giving information and telling their own story.

    “People don’t know the whole truth sometimes, and the reality is that once you tell a story like mine to someone, they might as well assume the news has to be public or it isn’t a fact. Or you are just desperate for attention. But I am aware the attention I am getting with this story might not be a good one. Who really wants to be that artist that has been copied for many years? However, I know if I don’t speak up, this will never come to an end.

    It is extremely sad that the rights of so many extremely talented artists were violated and many of them were never credited.

    I stand united with all artists affected and am exploring every option to protect my privacy and fight for improving artist’s copyrights.” Ysan Roche says. ”Once all the facts come to light and the legal process is concluded, I am confident that many artists will be exonerated if we stick together, reveal the truth and fight for more integrity. It will take a while because those wannabe big bosses want to scare us off, but we should always remember that our biggest power is OUR VOICE not their money.”


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