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    Going Wireless - WiFi Security Systems for Your Different Needs

    Chinavasionhas come out with two new offerings for its customers, the WiFi security camera and the WiFi baby monitor. “The WiFi Security Cameras are wireless and help protect people easily from thieves. The setup is simple and the company is offering a number of Wireless Security Systems,” says Chinavasion PR manager Rose Li.

    Li adds that the prospect of getting a better discount for those who buy more than one product is a lure for many customers.

    “Even homes and businesses in London have little to no security control,” adds Li. “Just sometime back, a firm named Sophos inspected households in London and saw that most of them either did not have a wireless security system installed or were secured with Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), that could easily be broken,” she said.

    Why do people need WiFi security systems in home? Li says it all boils down to security. WiFi security cameras do not need any wires and are easy to setup. Difficult to spot, it greatly reduces the chances of thieves sneaking in. With no wires, there is no possibility that thieves will cut open the camera wires and make it non-functional. All videos are recorded in high-definition too and are not those hazy, grainy black and white videos that one saw in yesteryear.

    Li adds that it’s not just WiFi security cameras that one needs to install. “There is an urgent need to look after your toddler too, in case you are a parent”, she says.

    That’s why Chinavision’s offering WiFi baby monitors that help people keep a check on their baby’s movement and even record events. A number of the WiFi baby monitors offered even have the capacity to record the events and play them back later or help people share them on social media.

    “WiFi baby monitors are especially useful to help parents know what their toddler is doing when they are out of their home”.

    Chinavasion has been selling electronic gadgets and products that are loved since 2006. These two latest line of products are aimed at helping customers choose the best of security gadgets at an affordable price. All products come with warranties as well, a reason Chinavasion is visited by millions of visitors today.

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    For more details about what Chinavasion is offering or for more information about the product, please contact :

    Chinavasion Wholesale Limited – MainOffice Address
    2603, 26/F, 909 Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Cheung Sha Wan Road
    Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Mail us to: support@chinavasion.com

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    +1 845 6525883
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    About Chinavasion:
    Chinavasion is a global China wholesale and China dropshipping company located in Shenzhen, China right across the China-Hong Kong border. Established in 2006, Chinavasion was the first company ever to offer electronics drop shipping direct from China.

    We buy exclusively from Chinese suppliers / manufacturers who produce Consumer Electronics, Home Electronics Devices, Electronic Gadgets, and China Electronic Accessories. Chinavasion has developed long lasting ties with supplier factories in the Chinese wholesale market.

    Website: www.chinavasion.com

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