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    Cancer Patients to Benefit from New Hair Book

    ATLANTA — Expected End Entertainment, LLC, and EX3 Books announced today that a portion of first week sales (Oct. 25-Nov. 1) from The Hair Commandments: Shalls and Shall Nots of Wigs, Weaves, and Natural Hair (ISBN978-0-9885545-5-9) will benefit cancer patients and cancer survivors through The Bald Movement.

    “Our goal for The Hair Commandments is to help people with their hair issues so they can ultimately feel better about themselves,” said LaToya Johnson-Rainey, co-author of The Hair Commandments and owner of A Hair Boutique, a high-end wig store in Pittsburgh. “Partnering with The Bald Movement is a great way for us to give back and further our mission. They are doing a phenomenal job of touching the lives of cancer patients.”

    The Bald Movement is an organization led by New York City model Nell Coleman that helps people without hair or losing hair appreciate their uniqueness. Programs include teaching cancer patients how to apply make-up and tie head scarves; self-confidence seminars; and donations of beanies with the word “Baldie” on it to help people embrace their baldness. Coleman said the organization will use the money to bring awareness to the millions of cancer patients without hair who need help regaining their confidence and to provide Baldie beanies to hundreds of young cancer patients across the country.

    “When you’re diagnosed with cancer and have to do the chemo treatment, your hair falls out. You’re not feeling good, the medicine has you down, and it has you weak,” Coleman said. “So what I try to tell people is that during that process a lot of women can lose their identity because they are losing their hair… I try to teach them to just have a positive mindset because a negative mindset can make them sicker. The way you think of yourself manifests into the universe so the goal is to stay positive and have people around you that support you, like The Bald Movement.”

    The Hair Commandments, co-written by bestselling author C. Nathaniel Brown, is a reference of dos and donts of wigs, weaves, and natural hair from the combined view of hair stylists, dermatologists, beauty suppliers, distributors, and the consumer. It provides answers to the most commonly asked hair care questions, helps women save time and money, and ultimately have better hair experiences.Covered topics include:

    • How to shop for your wigs
    • Differentiation between weave textures
    • Tips to help transition to natural hair
    • Hair growth techniques
    • And much more

    The book will be available beginning Oct. 25 at www.Amazon.com and www.EX3ent.com.

    LaToya Johnson-Raineyworked in her family’s beauty supply business prior to starting A Hair Boutique in Pittsburgh, where she sells high-end wigs and hair products. She is quickly becoming one of the foremost experts in the ever-growing hair and hair care industry and is the featured speaker for Just Be Beautiful seminars at various organizations.

    C. Nathaniel Brown spent 20 years as a newspaper and magazine journalist. He is a bestselling author with six published books and serves asa writing coach and publishing consultant, motivational speaker, and philanthropist in Atlanta.

    For more information about The Hair Commandments, the authors, or The Bald Movement, or to schedule interviews, contact Expected End Entertainment at (678) 744-4646, email ExpectedEndEntertainment@gmail.com, or visit www.Amazon.com.

    About Expected End Entertainment, LLC: Expected End Entertainment (EX3) is an Atlanta-based, full-service media and entertainment company that provides content for film, television, radio and the internet. Its book publishing division, EX3 Books, specializes in nonfiction publications and includes writing, editing, and publishing services among other resources for writers.

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