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    Bad 2 Great Credit’s Credit Repair Guide Offered for $39.99

    Bad 2 Great Credit, a credit repair company withmore than 50 years combined experience of helping people improve their credit, is offering a credit repair guide for $39.99. Perfect for those who have experienced or are currently having problems with their credit, the guide has more than 20 years of experience in credit repair written in its pages.

    Today, any person with late payments, collection accounts, bankruptcies, charge-offs, judgments or other flaws on his credit report will have a hard time living life the way he wants it. Without good credit, it can be hard to buy a home, get credit cards or loans, rent an apartment or even land a good job. This is why credit repair is important.

    The credit repair process involves several steps. One needs to first get his report from the agency that keeps a record on him. Once he gets the report, he has to review it to know exactly the information being distributed about him, so he’ll know how to fix any issues. By law, a person can obtain one credit report every year from each of the 3 major credit bureaus. If there are negative entries that he believes should not be on his report, he should inform the agency about it. They’re obliged to look into the case and take out any unverifiable entry that the person disputes. Getting the correct information is important before attempting a credit repair. A good credit repair guide will help one fix his credit and avoid trial and error.

    Bad 2 Great Credit developed their guide in a way that those who need to improve or repair their credit can do so with a professional outcome. The credit repair guide provides direct mailing address and fax numbers to all bureaus. Free updates and direct email access to a Credit Repair Specialist are also given to everyone who buys the guide.

    Bad 2 Great Credit has sold more than 30,000 copies of their latest ebook and has over 500,000 followers combined on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The company has helped more than 100,000 people improve and repair their credit. Most of their customers were able to increase their credit score an average of 125 points the first 90 days.Bad 2 Great Credit ensures to help everyone find the right solution to their situation and guide them throughout the process.


    For more information, feel free to visit www.Bad2GreatCredit.com.

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