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    Alzheimer’s caregiver support group in Palm Beach Gardens.

    A support group for caregivers, caring for those with Alzheimer’s Disease, offers a safe place to talk, share, and support other caregivers who understand the pressures the role can bring.

    Anyone who lives with the challenges of being the sole or primary caregiver for a loved one, spouse, or parent with Alzheimer’s disease, will find the group a great place to talk openly, candidly, and honestly about the realities of that day-to-day care.

    What benefits can the caregiver support group bring?

    Being a caregiver can be difficult physically, with the hands on care for bathing, dressing, and feeding someone with advanced Alzheimer’s, or simply repeating information and keeping a watchful eye on your loved one.

    It isn’t simply the physical workload that can make being a caregiver challenging. The changes in personality and decreased independence, which come with Alzheimer’s disease, can be difficult to live through and put a strain on the caregiver.

    Though you may be committed to caring for your loved ones at home, where they happiest and are familiar with the environment, the responsibility and day-to-day pressures can be overwhelming. The monthly caregiver support group, held at Palm Beach Neurological Center in Palm Beach Gardens, offers a safe place to talk openly and honestly about your experiences as a caregiver.

    Discussions and information on the latest developments in care and treatment for dementia can be found, along with a group of other caregivers who are living with the same experiences. Caregivers can share advice, anecdotes, and support.

    Support groups have led to close bonds and strong friendships among caregivers. Nobody can understand the daily ins and outs of caring for someone with dementia, the grief of watching a loved one change as the illness progresses, and the challenges that this caregiving can bring better than another caregiver who is experiencing the same challenges.

    The support group at Palm Beach Neurological Center is a place to learn, share and support others, as well as gain support from others, and to find relief in these shared experiences.

    I am the prime caregiver – I can’t leave to attend a group.

    Attending a support group is a chance to take a breath for some relief from the daily pressure of caregiving. The chance to talk about your experiences, share stories with other caregivers, and experience that break from caring for a short period each month will mean you are better able to care for your loved one. You may even adopt new care methods and experiences that will make caring at home easier after discussions within the group.

    Sometimes something as simple as finding a place to laugh, talk, and let go of some of those stresses and strains can offer relief to caregivers. This means that you can return home to continue giving care after this short break, feeling refreshed and reassured that you aren’t alone, knowing you have a network of other caregivers supporting your ongoing journey.

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