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    Webmaster For Hire Launches New Website, Providing Live Example for Clients

    West Palm Beach, FL, 31 August 2014 -- Webmaster For Hire launched a new updated version of its website last month, with a sleeker, more streamlined feel. It is responsive, keeping in line with the way people now use their cell phones when researching businesses. The website clearly highlights the refined marketing and website service packages the company offers and is ultimately more user-friendly to today’s visitor than the previous website.

    “Webmaster For Hire follows its own philosophy that continuously keeping a polished website that is targeted to your niche throughout the growth of your business is imperative,” said Elizabeth Varian, the President and brains behind Webmaster for Hire.

    She went on to explain that Webmaster For Hire hasredefined its niche andrefined its services, so revamping the website was needed to really showcase the current marketing strategies that make Webmaster For Hire stand apart from their competition.

    She also stressed how the new website is responsive. More and more people research on the web using their cell phones. Websites must be designed in such a way that they will look good on a computer and will adjust and look good in the scrollable column format that cell phones use. Many older websites are not responsive and revenue is lost as impatient mobile browsers move on to the next website.

    Savvy businesses will update their website from time to time to maintain a professional, relevant, and polished online brand. Everything needs to be maintained; websites are no different. As technology evolves, as a business grows, as its niche is defined or refined, and as its clientele changes, the website that was initially created may lose its relevancy. When a website loses relevancy, new and recurrent business and revenue is lost.

    Business websites today need to provide fresh content that highlights the expertise it holds in its field. This may be accomplished with a blog, among other things. Webmaster For Hire maintains a blog on its site that covers topics dealing with how to effectively market locally online, why reputation marketing is better than reputation management, and many other topics dealing with a business’s online brand and marketing strategies. This fresh content helps to generate confidence that Webmaster For Hire is staying on top of the latest developments and technology applicable website development, design, and internet marketing. The same principal holds true for other businesses.

    Websites should also give potential clients or customers the information they need when researching the company. There should be a portfolio of projects done by the business. The prospect can then look at past projects and see if that business is the right fit for them stylistically. There should be client testimonials easily accessible and a way for clients or customers to easily leave a review. As Webmaster For Hire specializes in helping businesses generate fresh and positive reviews from their clients, the new website serves as a live example of how that system of review generation would look and work.

    “For years I struggled with a really bad website until Webmaster For Hire rescued me,” wrote a client that had secured Webmaster For Hire services for her author website.“I had no idea what a difference it would make to have a professional site as part of my online presence. Now I really regret that I didn't reach out for their help earlier- definitely the best decision I ever made to upgrade my marketing efforts!”

    People are told to dress the part when going in for a job interview. First impressions are vital when someone is making a hiring decision. Nowadays, the website serves as the first impression--possibly the only impression--that a business has when it comes to securing new customers or clients. Businesses that maintain a polished website reap the benefits.

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    For further information, contact:
    Elizabeth Varian
    Webmaster For Hire
    (561) 822-9931

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