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    New Christian Novel Gives Hope to those Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease

    MindStir Media author, Sandy Snavely, has written and launched her new contemporary Christian Fiction book, Ellie’s Window: Surrender, to audiences worldwide.

    Real! Relevant! Hopeful! And completely engaging from start to finish!Ellie’s Window: Surrender (ISBN 9780990362647), a new Christian novel by Sandy Snavely, is a message of hope for those who have seen the world of Alzheimer’s up close and personal, but it is also a story that speaks to every heart that has struggled to see themselves as they really are.

    Award-winning, bestselling Christian Fiction author Paula Wiseman hails Ellie’s Window: Surrender as an “imaginative story of one young woman’s journey home that crosses not only generations, but with gentle hope reaches from this world into the next.” Wiseman also goes on to say that Sandy’s “characters are well-developed, and easy to connect with.”

    From the back cover: Few of us ever see ourselves the way we really are. Ellie Mae felt quite unremarkable in shadows of her legendary family whose accomplishments filled the pages of Dover's history. Still, she was content with her life on Bowers Beach where her view of the bay kept her near to the family waiting for her beyond the horizon. But it was Charlie, her beloved daughter who anchored her soul on this side of heaven.

    Charlie was remarkable and strongly independent - until the day she finds her mother locked in the prison of Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease and revealing just how much she needed the mother she never really knew. The mother whose music was kept it hidden in a red satin box.The mother whose journals held the heart of a prayer warrior. And the mother who silently shared the pain of what happened on November 16th. 1999.

    Still Waters was the perfect place for Ellie Mae to navigate her way through Alzheimer's. But it was the window overlooking the lake where true healing began. Through the glass she saw what no one else could see - the ways of God are not bound by time, or space, or disease. And in this mysterious journey Ellie and Charlie find the way that leads to home.

    Ellie’s Window: Surrender, published by self-publishing company MindStir Media,is available in paperback and ebook formats at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale distribution is also available through Ingram.

    About the Author: Sandy Snavely is a retired talk show host. She’s also the author of Called to Rebellion – The Key to a Single Hearted Love for Christ. She’s a successful speaker, having spoken to women nationally and internationally. To learn more about the author, please feel free to visit her website and watch the book trailer at http://www.sandysnavely.com.

    About MindStir Media: MindStir Media, top Christian book publishers USA, helps authors publish books via various services such as book cover design, illustration, printing, distribution and marketing. For more info visit http://www.mindstirmedia.com.

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