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    Eat to expel toxin and reduce weight in daily life

    As we all know, to expel toxin is the first step to reduce weight, here we introduce some foods that we usually take in daily life, you can try to take them in daily life for better body, if you are taking zi xiu tang bee pollen for weight loss, having these foods for better effect

    Millet does not contain gluten, does not irritate the intestinal wall, it is warmer fiber and easy to digest, therefore it is suitable to be used along with detoxification meals. Millet gruel is good for detoxification, has heat expelling and diuretic effect, it is also rich in nutrient and contributes to whitening.

    Yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria, which can improve constipation and gastrointestinal stability. take Yogurt drink or eat yogurt salad is a good choice, it is best to eat before breakfast, using yogurt to increase satiety and reduce food intake at breakfast.

    Asparagus is alkaline food, can neutralize acidic substances of human body, in order to reduce its harm to the body. In addition, asparagus contains asparagine, which is an effective detoxification cleaners to help remove kidney stones, while it also has a diuretic effect. After the binge, you can take a bowl of asparagus jujube porridge, good for spleen and stomach, regulating the body into an alkaline mode, then you will be easier to thin

    Onions can enhance gastrointestinal motility, strengthen digestion, and it contains a lot of sulfur, which can bind with protein strongly and particularly beneficial for the liver, thus helping to detox.

    Vinegar can inhibit fat peroxidation, activate intestinal and promote the peristalsis ability, while accelerating the metabolism, stimulating blood circulation and fully excreting old waste, toxins and excess water

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