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    Vernon Davis, Comedian creates a unique way to Thank Military Veterans for their Service

    The services offered by military personnel cannot be overemphasized. The men and women who serve in the military department play a big role which consists of sacrificing their own lives. These members put their lives at risk for the sake of protecting others. Therefore they need a big applause and that is why Vernon Davis has a unique way of saying thank you to our military veterans. The mission behind this initiative is basically to say thank you for your service as a way of showing appreciation for the great work the military men and women have done when they were serving our country in uniform.

    Although saying thank you may look like a common thing, it is very special for the individuals who have served in the military. It is very unfortunate that most military personnel receive very little appreciation from the government and other institutions. This is despite the fact that the men and women who served carry the huge responsibility of ensuring safety in our nation. It is for this reason that Thank You For Your Service (TU4YS) has created this unique way of saying thank you to the military veterans.

    The main objective of Vernon Davis’s initiative is to say thank you to the men and women who have served in the military. TU4YS has a very simple and unique way of accomplishing their mission. They have designed packets which they have named Thank You Packets (TYP’s). The TYP consists of a full colour Thank You card, envelope and a dog tag. These are the packets that they award to military veterans everyday, everywhere. This is done free of charge to the veteran. The TYP are mailed, awarded in persons, awarded via family, friends and various organizations that support our mission via donations.

    To help them achieve their mission, TU4YS has partnered with several individuals and organizations who have continued to give donations at different events and shows. Some of the sponsor organizations include: Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary, Vietnam Veterans of America, Fishing For Freedom (Quincy, Illinois), Mid-America Military Salute Committee, NEMO Manufacturing, Inc., among others.

    ThankU4YourService (TU4YS) is a non-profit organization that was started in November 2012 by Vernon Davis, an Army Veteran and professional stand-up comedian (stage name Longhorn The Comedian www.LonghornComedy.com). At every venue he performs, Vernon gives tribute to military veterans for their great service ad sacrifice. The key goal of the mission is to appreciate the great work that military veterans have performed by saying thank you. Since 2012 when the organization was established, over 4,000 Thank You Packets have been awarded to military veterans.

    For media enquiries, users can use the following contact details:
    Mailing address: ThankU4YourService, 2619 Shannon Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63136
    Telephone number: 314-607-3637
    Email: contact@thanku4yourservice.com
    Website: www.thanku4yourservice.com

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