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    Teebik Games Announces Hack-n-Slash Android MMORPG, Burning Blade

    Teebik Games, a leading mobile platform and games publisher, is today thrilled to reveal Burning Blade – an exhilarating hack-n-slash MMORPG for mobile coming to Google Play in North America, Europe and Australia this August.

    Burning Blade is a free-to-play 3D hack-n-slash multiplayer online RPG inspired by the high intensity combat and gameplay of 'Diablo' and 'Dragon Nest'. Brought to life by the powerful Unity 3D Engine, players are taken on an epic adventure packed with detailed characters, lively interactive environments and stunning state-of-art special effects.

    Inspired by ancient Greek mythology, Burning Blade casts players as humanity's heroes during a dangerous battle between the gods of the heavens and the underworld. As the fate of humanity hangs in the balance, players must team up and use real-time combat skills to slay legendary devils, lay waste to massive monsters and topple enormous titans, before the human race is doomed to extinction.

    Burning Blade lets players seamlessly hack-and-slash their way from one thrilling battle to the next as one of four character classes: Berserker, Assassin, Archer, or Warlock.

    Berserkers are natural born fighting machines, and the undisputed meat mincers of the battlefield. Packing bulky armour and massive weapons, Berserkers are a well rounded combination of top-notch defence and powerful attacks.

    Assassins are killers without a trace - or remorse! Their love of sharp objects and quick, silent movements means they can cut enemies to ribbons before they know what's hit them. What they lack in defence, Assassin's make up for in unparalleled attacking speed.

    Archer are gifted archers with unmatched aiming skills. Their range is so impressive that they can fire arrows at enemies before they're even in sight. With the power of magic imbued in their special projectiles, enemies can run from a Archer but they can't hide.

    Warlocks are capable of gathering impressive power from the cosmic stars and unleash it to devastating effect. Their impressive range of skills and infinite magic make them the most varied destroyers on the battlefield, and their love of wands and taunting dances make them the most fun to watch!

    Each class is capable of unleashing continuous combos to crush their enemies, scoring more points the longer a flow is maintained. As fights are won and Burning Blade's easy to follow quests are completed, players will unlock new items for their inventory, level up their character, learn new skills and unlock challenging battle dungeons for extra on-the-go action.

    Burning Blade players can also face off against each other in tense 3V3 PVP arenas, where players must use a mixture of their best skills and equipment to succeed. With thousands of items to collect in-game and a balanced, varied upgrade system, the action in Burning Blade is always unique – and always exciting!


    Players eager for some free-to-play, on-the-go MMORPG action with friends can download Burning Blade from Google Play: http://goo.gl/dIU6C8Or scan QR code:

    Follow Teebik Games on Facebook for updates on Burning Blade: http://bit.ly/1rA8r1f

    About Teebik Games

    As a business unit of Avazu Holding, Teebik Games was established to become a world leading platform for mobile game publishing and operation.

    Teebik Games provides global mobile game developers with a professional platform and customized publishing services, and is dedicated to providing global game developers with comprehensive and integrated services, including game quality assessment, market analysis, global publishing, localized support services, and professional technical supports.

    With its rich experience, prospective vision, and cross-border targeting, Teebik Games is creating considerable value for its growing list of international partners.

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