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    Ocean ATM, LLC Officially Announces the Launch of its New Logo

    Point Pleasant, NJ, 10 June 2014 -- Our new logo reflects the growth and evolution our company has gone through while our industry continues to mature and evolve at a rapid pace.

    “We believe that in order to remain an industry leader, Ocean ATM needs to be efficiently nimble, and be able to accommodate our customer’s changing needs, as well as adapt to the current economic and industry climate”, said Joseph Ippolito, President and Founder of Ocean ATM, LLC.

    Our new logo is noticeably different from our original logo that we have carried since our inception back in 1997. Our name still alludes to the strength and stability of the ocean, but we also want this logo update to convey a freshness, and sense of movement that embodies our vision of optimism, excellent customer service, and forward progress.

    We chose an italicized typeface, along with a more vibrant blue and the introduction of green to convey this growth and vision, while evoking a calm belief, confidence, and trust from our customers.

    Our new logo will begin appearing on our upcoming, newly designed website, as well as our new ATM installations nationwide. We are confident it will be a symbol of a company that respects, honors, and services its customers to the highest level possible.


    Founded in 1997, Ocean ATM has been providing ATMs throughout the United States, and currently has a network of over 1200 ATMs across the country. They help handle ATM service for a variety of businesses, including municipalities, colleges, hotels, convenience stores, casinos, shopping malls, restaurants, nightclubs, and more. For more information and to see a full description of their ATM products and ATM services, please visit http://www.oceanatm.com

    Contact: Ocean ATM
    Tel: 877-538-2860
    Web: www.oceanatm.com

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