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    Acquiring wealth is one thing, but guarding it is a different story. In this day and age it is essential to protect one’s wealth. Asset protection is a way to shield one’s assets from the claims of creditors. Business entities and individuals use asset protection services to restrict creditors’ access to some valuable assets while dealing within the bounds of debtor-creditor laws. Guardian Strata offers such services. They help you insulate your assets legally, without engaging in illegal operations of contempt, concealment, tax evasion, bankruptcy fraud or fraudulence.

    Guardian Strata is Sydney’s strata management specialist, focused on guarding your strata assets. . Guardian Strata is evolving with time in order to most effectively meet their client’s needs. They believe in providing good service, so they are certain you will stay with them. Hence, there is no need to lock you into a long-term contract. Their method of serving clients is unique.

    Several NSW strata management companies embrace a ‘one size fits all’ strategy in pricing their services. . However, Guardian Strata understands that every owner’s corporation has individual needs, complexities and issues. Before presenting each owners corporation with a plan for their strata services, they make every effort to comprehend the company’s unique requirements and customize their services to suit. Their goal is to become New South Wale’s first Quality Accredited Strata Management Company. As their tag line suggests, they view themselves as guarding assets while focusing on visible and measurable customer service. They have a team comprising expert individuals with strata management skills who constantly aspire to improve in all areas.

    It is generally accepted in the strata industry that over 70% of the time assigned in managing an owners corporation is not noticed by the owners. This is because of the concealed nature of the administrative tasks that are executed by NSW strata managers. “We strive to make all our activities visible and transparent to the owner’s corporation. We achieve all this by keeping track of the data that we compute ourselves and by having it available to our clients regularly,” reports Guardian Strata.

    Guardian Strata allows their clients to rest assured that you will see them many times yearly; for example, they conduct an annual general meeting which is open to clients. . They proactively observe their relationship with their clients and take the opportunity to discuss matters as they arise. They believe that in order for any business relationship to flourish, it is essential to continuously communicate expectations and make alterations to the commercial plans as needed.

    For more information on Guardian Strata, visit their website at http://guardianstrata.com.au/index.html

    Guardian Strata
    Suite 4, 39-45 Norton Street
    PO Box 743, Leichhardt
    Sydney, NSW- 2040
    Phone: 02 8030 8950
    Email: admin@guardianstrata.com.au

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