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    Counselling melbourne helpline: offering expert counselling services

    Depression, anxiety, despair, fear, sadness, stress, loneliness, and anger are all normal reactions to excessive stress in life. Some people experience these feelings on a daily basis for no obvious reason, to the point where they start to interfere with normal daily functioning. In such cases, the feelings have become a disorder. Luckily, such disorders are treatable. There are several factors which can contribute to heightened emotions: getting laid off from work, losing a loved one, having low self-esteem, undergoing divorce or separation, experiencing relationship issues, suffering from financial worries and other trying situations.

    During such times, you need someone to talk to, someone who will listen and understand what you are going through. It is important to talk to someone because some of these emotions can be life-endangering to the individual as well as to the people surrounding him or her. For example, in the case of depression or anxiety, one symptom is persistent thoughts of ending one’s life; these thoughts can even extend to suicide attempts in some cases.

    Counselling Melbourne Helpline asks people to think of them as that ‘someone’ you need to help you go through such difficult and trying times. Counselling Melbourne Helpline is a 100% Medicare bulk billing Counselling Melbourne service which specializes in anger management, depression, addiction, anxiety, couple, partner and family counselling in Melbourne. Their offices are located in Melbourne CBD Victoria and available outlets in Victoria’s Eastern Suburbs including Preston, Caulfield, Brighton, McKinnon, Newport, Vermont, Ferntree Gully, Sunshine, Ringwood, Glen Waverley, Boronia and Knoxfield.

    In relationship counseling, Counselling Melbourne helps couples to identify the issues within their relationship and settle those issues with successful dialogue, solutions and renewed happiness. Relationship counseling usually brings one of two results; either thoughtful decisions are made concerning rebuilding the relationship or in a few cases it may prove to be better for the couple to part ways. The Counselling Melbourne Helpline marriage counseling includes couples in all varieties of intimate relationships- gay/homosexual or heterosexual, whether married or not.

    Counselling Melbourne Hipline’s counsellors all have expertise in various areas to take a focused approach to finding caring solutions and treatment for anxiety and depression, including postnatal depression and severe depression. They help to cure anxiety in a holistic manner. They attest that their main aim is to treat patients with compassion, care and total confidentiality. Discretion might be the reason why most people opt not to seek help, but Counselling Melbourne Helpline assures you that they respect your need for discretion in the matter.

    Counselling Melbourne Helpline offers help from 12pm – 10pm throughout the week. So whenever you are feeling sad, lost, puzzled, upset or stuck, call them to talk with someone who cares and understands. They also offer referrals and information for families, individuals and couples to qualified friendly professional Melbourne counsellors who have attained registry with Melbourne Australia.

    For more information on the Counselling Melbourne Helpline services, visit their website at http://counsellinghelplinemelb.com.au/

    Counselling Help Line Melbourne
    313/220 Collins St, Melbourne
    Victoria- 3000
    Phone: 03 9530 5618

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