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    Jasani Digital Prepares to Launch Revolutionary iOS Game for Kids Math Learning with Fun

    Obviously, the entertainment industry is filled with thousands of game apps; but then, only a few provide as much fun and creativity as the little ones in families would need. Today, Jasani Digital, a game developer, prepares to launch a revolutionary iOS game, Math Bingo Bash, for kids' math learning in a fun way.

    According to the CEO of Jasani Digital, most games on the market come with action-packed story lines that have little or no good to offer. Really, it might be fun to play them, but they are mostly out of order when it comes to imparting creativity with fun. "Most games are only time wasters as there are no tangible lessons that children can learn from them. Today, we are coming up with a revolutionary game app that can help the young ones in their educational development," he confirms.

    While explaining the background of Math Bingo Bash, he reveals, saying, "Studies have shown that an average child finds math quite difficult and boring when they get to high school. The problem is often associated with their foundation in the subject, even right from their kindergarten stage. With this mind, Jasani Digital has developed a game that would not only give fun to kids, but also develop their intellectual capacity toward solving math problems such as subtraction, addition, division, multiplication and many more."

    In a statement from the CEO of Jasani Digital, Math Bingo Bash will be officially released on May 1, 2014. Being an iOS game, it can be installed on virtually all kinds of smartphones. "Math Bingo Bash is ideal for students in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades; it would help them to learn the basics of math in a fun way," he further affirms.

    It's been reported as well that Math Bingo Bash will be available for download at App Store, and parents are being advised to adopt this kind of game for their kids. "It would help to give them a solid foundation in math; and as they grow, the little ones would be free from the common phobia that thousands of children have about this academic subject," the CEO opines.

    For more information on the upcoming release of Math Bingo Bash from Jasani Digital, go to http://jasanidigital.com/bingo.html.

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