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    Bubblews: Author Charm Baker’s Newest Income Stream

    A new income stream called Bubblews has been vying for Author Charm Baker’s time for the past few weeks. Baker has embarked on a new endeavor for 2014, and it has nothing to do with her new sci-fi novel titled: “Experimenting With Murder”, at least not directly. Baker is spending her time online at a website that is quickly gaining popularity all around the globe. Bubblews.com is the site that has managed to gain and hold the attention of this veteran writer, only a few short months after her book’s release.

    What is Bubblews.com

    Bubblews.com is a writing platform that allows members to earn cash writing. It is proving to be quite different from the others, in more ways than one. According to one of Baker’s articles (lovingly referred to as a “Bubblew” on the website), there are 3 things that stand out and make the site unique. Baker admonishes the other “Bubblers” not to take those 3 things for granted. Ironically, at first glance, two of the characteristics that Baker and many Bubblers seem to applaud; may actually put some people off about the site.

    Youth and inexperience; those are the first two things Baker mentions in the article, but she goes on to explain why both are actually refreshing and a welcome change. The diversity that can be found on Bubblews.com is the third thing mentioned, and also the reason for the site’s continued growth.

    By enabling people to “Speak Freely”, and “Write Your World”, the members get a chance to earn money from the multitude of Bubblews that they write. Although the site is readily available to less skilled writers with limited English, a number of talented and highly skilled writers can also be found there. All level of writers can take advantage of this relatively new income source. The earning potential is enormous for anyone who can crank out appealing and engaging Bubblews in no time flat.

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    Book Promotion Tool

    While Baker has been spending a great deal of time reading, connecting and getting to know the Bubblews community, her book promotion activities have continued. She explained how the reason she first discovered the website was because she was searching for ways to promote the book’s release. In fact, the first submission Baker made to Bubblews was an article about KDP Select. KDP is the vehicle Baker is currently using to distribute “Experimenting With Murder”.

    Limited by KDP

    The Amazon KDP Select Program requires exclusivity for 90 days. Being limited by KDP meant pulling the title from Barnes and Noble and the Smashwords distributors. Having only one active book distributor online, and little to no reviews, Baker says that she needed a way to gain more book exposure. She came across Bubblews.com and has been writing there and using the site ever since.

    After seeing how quickly she could accumulate page views and watch the cash in her bank began to grow, Baker decided to utilize the website for more than just a book promotion tool. But she would still be able to earn cash writing. It was clear that this new site was a valid income source, and could be used as a legitimate income stream. She currently has more than 50 Bubblews published. A number of them are about the effective tips that she has discovered for writing on the website. She also bubbles about news and other topics of interest. But more importantly, Baker believes that she has found a way to expose her book and earn money in the process. On top of that, she says: “I am having the time of my life bubbling.”

    For more information on Author Charm Baker, “Experimenting with Murder”, or the Bubblews.com website, visit Baker’s site by following this link: http://www.finallypaidtowrite.com/Charm-Baker-Bubblews.htm

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