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    Advertising with QR Codes

    There are numerous ways by which a product or service can be advertised and with the advancements in technology, newer and more innovative ways are being invented almost every other day. You may be familiar with the term, ‘QR Codes’ if you are an avid smartphone user. In layman terms, QR Codes are those fancy little blocks, square shaped designs that you would find on product labels or shared on some social networking site. Most people nowadays use them for sharing their contact information such as their BlackBerry Messenger pins. If however, you have had a keen eye out for advertising trends, you would notice that this is one of the most promising advertising trends to have emerged in recent times. Companies offering products and services are increasingly using QR Codes to reduce the communication gap and complications that come in the way of communicating with the customer or reaching out effectively to customers.

    QR Code companies

    There are not many companies that are manufacturing QR Codes since it is a fairly new trend which will become an advertising practice in its own right in a few years’ time. QR Code Home is unarguably, the most reliable and efficient company right now that offers a wide variety of QR Code making services along with various techniques to promote their clients’ businesses. This online advertising agency is committed to providing the best in business marketing services and advertising campaigns. The firm is a handy guide that helps businesses advertise effectively with QR Codes in an extremely convenient and affordable manner.

    The concept of QR Codes

    In order to understand how to promote the brand with QR Codes, it is essential to know what exactly they are and how they will help. The full form of QR code is Quick Response code and this system is basically a two-dimensional or matrix barcode that came about in 1994 and was designed to enable high-speed component scanning. Although its original purpose was to be employed for industrial uses, QR codes have started to gain popularity in the field of consumer advertising. A smartphone is generally used as a QR-code scanner which shows the code and converts it to some useful form like a standard URL for a website or some such shortcut so that users’ need to type it manually into a web browser is eliminated. A QR Code is a smart way for advertisers and marketers to employ for getting consumers to buy through scanning. This technique offers seamless and fast access to the brand's website which enhances the chances of the consumer buying the brand’s offerings. QR Codes essentially boost the effectiveness of advertising by getting the viewer to the advertiser's site in an instant where a more elaborate and targeted sales pitch can continue.

    Benefits of QR Code Advertising

    Now that it is has been made clear in brief what exactly QR Codes are and how they work, it makes sense to get the answer to WHY they should be used. There are various advantages of using QR Codes for advertising or promotion of a brand.

    • QR codes are compatible with all mobile platforms be it Google's Android, BlackBerry OS and Apple iOS devices (iPhone/iPod/iPad), Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, Google Goggles, 3rd party barcode scanners and the Nintendo 3DS. Thus they are universal in nature and their scope is very wide.

    • QR codes can be used to store bank account or credit card information and can hence be used for bank payments. They can be specially created to work with particular payment provider applications.

    • It is indeed very time consuming and irritating for anyone to type in a complicated URL for reaching the website of a brand no matter how interested they may be in the particular service or product. Also, it is almost impossible for viewers to remember the exact URL and type it out later in leisure. However, this gap has been filled with the advent of QR Codes as an advert viewer simply has to reach for his or her phone and aim their scanner camera at the code to visit the website in a jiffy. This has boosted hits on websites and the sales of products and services considerably.

    • Advertising through QR Codes allows businesses to have a social following and brand exposure to millions throughout the around the planet. Qr Code Advertising has opened up a whole new avenue of opportunities for companies to display their products and services with minimum advertising space and resources. When the customer is provided with direct access to your product or company info, a sense of trust is built which goes a long way in successfully maintaining customer relations. By taking advantage of advertising with QR codes and implementing them effectively your business is bound to grow multifold and you will have a dedicated and loyal customer base for your brand.

    QR Code Company

    QR Code Home offers various kinds of QR Code making services as per the businesses’ needs and financial capabilities. You can get a free basic QR Code with their online code generator present at their website. The free QR Code will be readable on 2d barcode reader and 2d barcode scanner.

    • The first step involves the selection of the format in which the QR Code will be generated. The various formats include phone, live, mobile page, calendar, wireless network, SMS, geolocation, business card, plain text, web link or email.

    • Next, users have to customize their QR Code with a large variety of templates, logos, colors, interfaces and addition of eyes.

    • After completion of the QR code, users simply have to download it and start sharing.

    QR Code Campaign

    If you want your advertising campaign with QR Codes to be the most effective, wide reaching and profit generating one, then going for any of the code making packages of QR Code Home makes sense. The various packages comprise of:

    • Custom Qr Code With brand’s image/logo for $35

    • Completely Custom Qr Codes package for $99 which offers more places to advertise by matching them to your current image. The codes can be placed on advertising flyers, advertising menu's, business cards and many more business marketing services.

    • Eye catching custom QR code for $49

    QR Codes are the next big thing in advertising and it makes great business sense to cash in on this new trend in the beginning stages to reap profits in the near future.

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