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    The Cocktail of Singapore Passport

    Introducing the Cocktails of Singapore Passport, the first ever nightlife souvenir that allows you to discover the nightspots in Singapore in a fun loving way

    The first of its kind (in Singapore and probably around the world!), the Cocktails of Singapore Passport features Singapore’s hippest nightspots and favorite cocktails. A truly unique offering, the Cocktails of Singapore Passport serves as a travel guide and souvenir in one explosive package! The Cocktails of Singapore Passport contains the top 20 delicious, must drink cocktails found throughout the island.

    Vacationers and holders of the Cocktails of Singapore Passport will not only traverse to mainstream nightspots, but also discover all the hidden gems that Singapore has to offer.

    Each luscious cocktail is accompanied by the nightspot’s history, brief anecdotes of the surrounding area and detailed directions. The Cocktails of Singapore Passport allows one to discover Singapore in an authentic and audacious manner. Travelers can start at any nightspot, and go in whichever order they please.

    Upon arriving at a bar, they are able to savor the cocktail at a discount while learning the local history and culture.

    Holders can certainly expect friendly service at each bar, as the staff is excited to make the experience an engaging one. So in addition to showcasing Singapore in a truly unique manner, the Cocktails of Singapore Passport also aims to make each traveler feel right at home immediately.

    This experience seemingly brings people together.

    It allows people that are not familiar with the nightlife feel welcome in a way that will not make them shy and uncomfortable to explore.

    Friendly strangers will be able to engage in an interesting conversation because the experience itself is a common subject amongst people in the bar. This travel guide and souvenir can also serve as a must see and group activity because it can be a game amongst family and friends, the young and old alike.

    Each Cocktails of Singapore Passport costs S$9.80 and offers a 10% discount on each of the featured cocktails. That amounts to massive savings a great return on your investment, in our humble opinion!

    Collect a stamp at each stop in the Cocktails of Singapore Passport. After completing all 20 stops, you can proudly claim that you have “drunk your way through Singapore!”

    So what are you waiting for? Get hold of The Cocktails of Singapore Passport 2014 now!

    Available Online www.cocktailpassport.com

    Or at 7/11 Stores Singapore

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