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    New Website Launch by Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty LTD

    The Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd has recently launched its new website with complete details about their entire range of products and services. It is the first company whose all products have been CodeMark Audited, Approved and Registered through JAS/ANZ, which is recognised as the leading approval process throughout over 20 countries worldwide. MgO Corp Boards carry the appropriate certification registration code approval number and logos as issued by the governing authorities.

    The Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd was established to eliminate the inconsistencies in the magnesium oxide board products that are produced in large scale for the construction industry. These products were distributed across the world without any valid auditable regulation, checks or measures to measure the products end suitability. But now with the products from MgO it is easy to acquire quality materials and include them in the constructions of various kinds of buildings.

    “Where Performance Comes First” – this is the motto of the Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd. MgO Corp products are structural, highly resistant to fire, moisture, bugs, mould and microbes and are resilient to environmental-aging. Compared to other traditional construction material it is longer-usage life, and can be recycled as a green product. The MgO products come in boards and can be used for flooring, exterior walls, interior walls, floor sheathing, available for use in SIPs, ceiling and even cabinetry.

    In addition, all these products are completely non-toxic, fireproof to -/120/120 with a single sheet of 12mm board without insulation, water resistant, mould resistant, impact resistant, termite proof, superior acoustic and R-Value performances. The board thickness varies from 3mm to 50mm making MgO Corp Boards perfect for all building internal and external sheathing applications.

    With their new website, the firm aims at re-introducing their brand in a new look for the customers. The products offered by MgO Corps are widely used in the building and construction in both Australia and New Zealand. The company is also recognized in several international jurisdictions for its high quality and performance.

    Products from this company are also distributed in Maldives, USA, Costa Rica, Asia, Malaysia, Italy, Venezuela and UAE.

    About Magnesium oxide board corporation pty ltd

    MgO Corp delivers the Worlds first fully comprehensive approved Magnesium Oxide products in Australia and New Zealand. They are MgO Board Distributors and also provide Bushfire Protection service. Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd is the first company to take proactive steps to assure the highest level of conformity certification and approval of MgO products for use in the residential and commercial construction industry. All products manufactured and supplied by MgO Corp Pty Ltd have been fully reviewed, tested, audited and approved to be CODEMARK COMPLIANT for use under the JAS-ANZ, ABCB and BCA Codemark approval scheme.

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