Diary of an Angry Father: A Sarcastic Father's Guide to Parenthood by Miso N. Grey

Known for his quick wit, charm, and brutal honesty as a former nightclub and radio DJ, Miso N. Grey has redefined the role of the intimidating and stern father by making a mockery out of parenthood in general. His snarky and potentially offensive book has created a new take on parenting.

In Diary of an Angry Father: A Sarcastic Father's Guide to Parenthood (Createspace; $13.95; September 27, 2013), Grey lends the same voice of humor, compassion, and truth that he applies to his own four children. In 34 angry chapters, Grey offers simple, yet impactful rules on raising a successful child based on his triumphs, failures, and four marriages. Grey teaches men that the real essence of being an effective father comes from making informed decisions and using every opportunity to teach lessons based on the successes and challenges in life.

Weaving in his personal experiences, as well as the many real-life lessons imparted from his observations cases, Grey’s words will resound to the new generation of men who take a no-nonsense approach to parenting, and, above all else, want to be truthful to themselves.

Miso N. Grey, an obvious pseudonym (read it slowly), was once known as a very popular nightclub DJ. Grey is also a successful entrepreneur/business owner, author, columnist, and a devoted father and four-time husband. He frequently serves as a host and special guest for podcasts and YouTube videos under other pseudonymous names. He is also the front man for the country band Jake McGrew. His ongoing Angry Father blog can be found at http://www.angry-father.com/.

Diary of an Angry Father: A Sarcastic Father's Guide to Parenthood by Miso N. Grey Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 27, 2013) Paperback: 278 pages Language: English ISBN-13: 978-1492839590

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