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    Boris Now!

    Boris Now comes to light. Young and promising singer presents his first single “Live The Night“ which was also played on the radios in Canada, U.S.A. In cooperation with other artists he created this ambitious project which received international media attention.

    Boris Now introduces his first single „Live The Night“. In order to create this singel, he worked together with songwriter and performer Jugo Azul (U.S.A) and rapper C - MONE (England) who have become Boris´ support in creating his first songs. The specific idea was dwelling in Boris´ mind for a long time. The production of the single was done carefully together with an experienced producer, and the final result was a clear reflection of the original idea.

    „I always loved music. I was singing and dancing wherever possible. Music has stuck in me since my childhood and accompanied me even in the presence. I'm doing it in a way I like and how I intend to continue.“

    Music has always been a passion for Boris. MP3 player has become a part of his life and he won´t go anywhere without it. Following his first musical idols, he joined a singing class, led by a professional musician who then became his support as well and she also inspired him for his own production. The foundation for his future work is Dance-Pop.

    „I love night and darkness. They are a great inspiration to me. My first singel „Live The Night“ is about them. I want to tell people to enjoy the nightlife, to experience a night full of fun and love, to forget all the worries that accompany them during the day.“

    Boris plans to continue to cooperate with experienced producers and musicians at home and abroad. He is trying to meet new people, learn and gain new inspiration. During the year 2014, he is going to get ready some new songs in cooperation with other producers and artists. Nowadays the singer co-works on another dancing-club’s song with an American producer, which should be released in March 2014. He is currently looking for a new manager with good skills, who would remove the burden of routine tasks from him and allow him to focus on music production. Boris considers this to be the main step forward that will help him to release his dreams and visions.

    email: info.borisnow.com@gmail.com
    website: http://admin.artistecard.com/borisnow

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