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    Books About Mermaids Trending in 2014:

    Author Charm Baker’s book about mermaids was finally released Sunday February 23, 2014. After a long time in the making, it appears that this popular topic has already begun to give book sales momentum. While Baker’s “Experimenting With Murder” is not the only mermaid book published this year, her particular take on the subject is a unique one. This thrilling sci-fi adventure contains mermaids, murder, and more. With a remote island in New Zealand as the setting, Baker’s mermaids are almost believable, in light of a related Animal Planet program that aired recently.

    According to a recent press release, Baker gave credit to the program: “Mermaids: The New Evidence” for her inspiration for the book. In her statement, she highlights the connection between actual New Zealand whale beachings, and the mermaids in her book. The 2013 Animal Planet program discussed the unidentified sounds they recorded, following underwater sonar testing. One theory about these strange “bloops” is that they were made by some type of aquatic humanoid. The underwater testing has been blamed for massive whale beachings that occur in various places every year, including New Zealand’s Farewell Spit area.

    In Charm Baker’s “Experimenting with Murder”, the author takes this theory and runs with it. The end result is a full length novel that contains everything from murder, to mayhem, as well as mermaids. New Zealand whale beachings in the Farewell Spit area (as well as other locations) continue to be a very real problem. The most recent were in January 2014. A news report stated: “Nearly 50 pilot whales have re-stranded on Farewell Spit, frustrating efforts by experts and hundreds of volunteers to steer them back out to sea.” Baker says that she hopes her book will help to create additional dialogue about this problem; she plans to allocate a portion of book sales to those helping to find a solution.

    “Experimenting With Murder” can be purchased for reading on digital devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, or Barnes and Noble’s NOOK. A number of other digital and online formats will also be available, including Apple, Sony and Kobo, by going to Smaswords.com

    For more details about the book, or the author; Charm Baker, visit: http://charmbaker.info

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